Celebrity Style - Lady Gaga's 30 Best Styling Moments

Lady Gaga

What can I say Lady Gaga's style of clothing? Lady Gaga, who chooses as crazy and extravagant clothes as possible, always manages to surprise her fans. Her surprises never end. In fact, colourful and creative costumes are very enjoyable to watch.
I didn't like Lady Gaga's only one outfit and it was a flesh-and-blood dress. It was different but disgusting.
I don't know if she's trying to send a message with the clothes she has chosen, but she manages to attract attention. I've been looking for a very long time her internet pictures and trying to choose the ones I like the most. Of course, there are so many that I can't choose them all. Still, I made a list of the ones I loved most for today's celebrity style post.

Lady Gaga

In her first celebrity days, Lady Gaga dressed herself wildly and in the last few years, she started picking more plain and feminine clothes. When she almost gave up on the makeup covering her face like a mask and put on makeup in a more customary way, we noticed how pretty her face is.

Lady Gaga' s Fitness Secrets

Lady Gaga is more into soft sports: "I love yoga and Pilates." But she greets her cravings with a secret recipe:

I drink my magic water every day,

so the musician. What's in there? Only natural ingredients! Gaga mixes two litres of water with ginger, lemon, cucumber and mint - the brew boosts the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and acts like an appetite suppressant. "It helps to maintain balance in the stressful tour routine," she says.

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