DIY - Make An Old Jacket New

 Do you have children? I have three children and I know how expensive children's clothes are like all mothers. Moreover, children grow quickly and can be worn for a short time.
I didn't have much difficulty for my two sons. When one garment shrunk, the other could wear it. But when my youngest child becomes a girl, she doesn't want to wear the clothes of her brothers.
We had a jacket that was shrinking to his brother but he could barely wear. 

From time to time at home, I leave the beads, buttons and stamps from old outfits. I sewed tapes of beads on the jacket pocket and shoulders. A brooch on the side of the jacket was a very nice girl jacket at once. My daughter also liked it very much and wanted to wear it right away.

Do you have DIY projects? If so, what? You can write to me about what are you doing at home. Thanks for visiting and reading. 

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