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Which Royal Lady is your favourite one? I like Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) style. Actually, her old street and casual style before her wedding was my favourite but also today she has a very modern and elegant style. She has too many fans around the world and I was surprised with the multiplicity of the blogs that are writing only about her style. She has a beautiful body and the possibility to wear all the outfits that she wants. Also as a pregnant woman, she prefers heels, but I think jean and sneakers suits her perfectly.

She use to wear hats very often, as all English Royal Ladies. I love her choices.

Although she is a Royal Ladie now, her look is very modern and almost casual.

She is very elegant, isn' t she?

Perfect casual, street style

Meghan's Fitness Secrets:

A healthy lifestyle is very important for young Duchess. She eats clean and as exercising she is running, makes yoga and strength training. 

My absolute favourite look. As a jean lover, I find her fabulous in jeans. 

I would like to choose some of my favourite Meghan looks for you. I hope you like them and I wish her luck with her new baby. 

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