Active Monday-21

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Health tips of this week

A very active and dynamic hello to all active women out there !!! I also have a healthy lifestyle blog for women and sometimes my readers asking me if it is possible to lose weight and to stay fit at home without visiting a gym. I say: YES !!! If you can motivate yourself enough to work out regularly at least 3-5 times a week and to make cardio and full-body exercises it is really possible to stay fit at home. This means also to have the comfort of your own home, to take a shower after your workout and relaxing at your private place. You have not to drive anywhere, you can wear what you want. For me, it is much better from a gym. 
I would like to share a video from fitness blender, youtube channel. Fitness Blender is a channel that makes possible to stay fit at home. They have many workouts from beginner to intermediate. I wish you enjoying time with a fat-burning workout today. Have a nice and active week. Stay fit and healthy :)

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