Active Monday - 20

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Hi everybody !!! This is the 20. week of Active Monday and it is almost summer. We have not too much time to prepare our body for the summer holidays. So hurry up !!!

Health Tipps This Week :

Summer Detox Programm

It is important that the detox program you apply will be balanced in terms of carbohydrates, protein and fat. The following points during detox are very important:

  • Stay away from people who upset and stress you.
  •  Streamline your night sleep. Read something before going to sleep or listen to the soothing music, fall asleep with their accompaniment.
  •  Every day take a walk for a minimum of 30-40  outdoors.
  •  Every day for a minimum of two and a half, even if possible for three litres of water. You can throw peppermint, cucumber, clove or cinnamon to give it an aroma.
  •  Make your own food at home and prepare your yoghurt using organic yeast and milk.
  •  Stay away from black tea and coffee, (without exaggerating the amount) prefer the herbal tea. Take the pack of coffee out of your life.
  •  Stay away from the packaged food.
  •  Take care to use electronic devices as little as possible during the detox process.
  •  Remember that alcoholic beverages are prohibited during detoxing.


Detox Menu


Oatmeal detox bowl or green smoothie.


4 pcs baby carrots and water.


6-7 tablespoons of purslane or zucchini dinner.

2 spoon probiotic yoghurt.

2 sticks of olive oil grissini.


1 small cup of mint leafy kefir.

10 pieces of raw almonds.


Green detox salad or detox soup. 

2 hours before bed

1 cup of flavoured or unsweet green or white tea next to 1 kiwi or 1 slice of pineapple.

And our video this week is a high energy level HIIT cardio workout to burn our fat very quickly. So ladies, Let' s move !!!

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