Active Monday-19

How Health Fasts Work

Hi everybody !!! I wish you all a very healthy and active week. It' s our 19. active monday week. 

Health tips this week 

As a consumer in our daily lives, each of us produces a certain amount of garbage. This garbage is collected in bags and collected for disposal. In human cells, the destruction of these wastes occurs. The body separates the harmful substances and stores them for reuse. If we can't do this, it will have negative effects on us. Nerve diseases, infections, circulatory system disorders, such as inevitable encounter with many diseases. Here is the health fast, this system allows the correct operation again.
Long Hunger Ranges are the Secret to Being Weak and Fit

The difference from other diets is that there is no yo-yo effect. You can start gradually to get these ranges in order to get used to. For example, start with 5-hour intervals and gradually try to increase this time and avoid snacking at these intervals. Drinking water and sugar-free herbal teas. If you have dinner early, you will have a 15-16 hour break from the night until the morning, which will not be wasted. The Leptin hormone that we all know now works perfectly.

Types of Health Fasts

16/8 Method

Every day, 16-hour meal intervals are given. Eating two meals a day in 8 hours. This method can be applied between 3-6 days a week. You can drink water, sugar-free herbal tea and plain coffee in between.

5: 2 Method

5 days a week normal food is eaten, 2 days nothing can be eaten. On fasting days, those who are not fully hungry can consume more than 600 calories, but sugar, pasta and pastry foods should be avoided. There should be a few days between fasting days and fasting for two days in a row.

24 Hour Method

In this method, fasting for 1 or 2 days 24 hours a week. Days of fasting should not be consecutive days. In the 5: 2 method, 600 calories are allowed, while only 24 hours, water, herbal tea and plain coffee are allowed.

Eat-Stop-Eat Method

Eat-Stop-Eat, so eat-stop method is eaten in a day to eat, one-day fasting is kept. Fasting days, water, herbal tea, simple coffee and plain water vegetable soup can be drunk.

Of course, before starting this kind of fasting, it is important to have a doctor's check. These fasts are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You should avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates as fast and healthy as possible. If the times you stay hungry and your meal times always coincide with the same hours and days, the body adjusts itself accordingly and after a while, you will not feel hunger. Sports with these fasting, accelerate the purification of toxic substances.
Spermidin is secreted during health fasts. Spermidine prolongs the life of living organisms and destroys aging effects.
I tried the 16/8 method and lost 4 kg in 1,5 month.

For today I have a dance video again. I think dancing is a very good way to win motivation and boost new energy. You feel happy during dancing and this is good for your mental health. You don' t even need to be a profi dancer to have fun. Just move you free with your favourite music and stay fit and healthy. 

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