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Hello to everyone ! I hope everyone's okay. I do not know from which country you read my writing, but we live a warm and sunny autumn in Austria. While the weather isn't cooled down yet, I wanted to continue the summer outfit promotion in the still green nature. Today's them of my style  will be pants pants pants...
Again, I will recommend a few lace bodysuits from the femmeluxefinery collection, and then I will add what I have bought for myself.
The bodysuit, that transforms the outfit into a sexy and elegant one, can be worn at any time of the day. Wear it with a jeans, fabric pants or skirt; your outfit is ready for different events with a suitable jacket and accessories. I think it can be worn both in an invitation and in the office.
Of course, it is courageous to wear lace because it is also  transparent. Once you decide to wear it, it doesn't matter if you are a slimm or curvy woman.It suits both. It is inevitable that women who can wear laces will have be eyecatcher in every environment they enter.

 Black Lace Long Sleeve Plunge Bodysuit- Molly 
You can buy this bodysuit at black and pink colors and S/M/L sizes.

White Lace Strapy Bodysuit - Jade
You can also find this elegant bodysuit at S/M/L sizes 

Black Floral Sheer Lace Bodysuit
A body suit with wooow affect. Very sexy but also elegant. You can find it as black, lilac, mustard, whine, white, yellow, pink and nude colors. The size scala is larger . It exists at 34/36/38/40/ sizes.

3 Summer/Autumn Pants and 1 Loungewear

And now my own list. With so many pants that I bought this year I can start up my shop too :) Joke aside, I have every color and model pants in my closet. I usually wearing tight-fitting trousers. I thought these are too loose fit to me. But after wearing and taking a picture, I decided it suits me well. What do you say?

khaki slim leg pants
Khaki hight waisted slim leg trousers - katrina 

To be honest, I could order one size smaller. But I'm pleased with this size. Since the fabric is elastic, one size smaller would not be too small.

Black Straight Leg Cigarette Trousers - Ehlee

Camel Hight Waist Slim Leg Trousers - Katrina

Like I said, I could get three pants a size smaller. But I didn't want to take the risk and have to send it back. You can see the tight look on the models by clicking on the links.

loungewear set
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set - Maria

One of the most comfortable outfits for me are loungewear sets. I got the same suit in black. Here you can also see pictures of the black set.
This loungewear set, which can be worn around the clock, at home, outside, will keep you warm on cool autumn and winter days.
This was my post about lace bodysuits and the new pants and loungewear set from my style. I hope you like them. I will be very happy with some kind comments. Have a nice weekend :)

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