Hallstatt Travel Guide-Our 2016 -2017 and 2019 Hallstatt Trips With Photos


Although Salzburg is my favourite city in Austria, I can say that Hallstatt takes second place. I have not written a detailed article about Hallstatt since now, which is about 3 hours away from us. I visited Hallstatt 3 times and I had hundreds of pictures I did not share. I decided to collect all my favourite pictures and write a travel guide about this wonderful place. Of course, I will not add them all here, but you should still be ready for a lot of pictures of Hallstatt :)

2019 Halstadtt Travel Guide

The first time we went there was a lot of rain, the second snow; but this summer was a wonderful sunny day. My husband's sister and her daughter accompanied us on this trip. It is almost like a fairy tale, which attracts people to a different time with their magic and that your feet go back when you leave.

Swans and ducks are all year long here and they are very friendly :)

Where is Hallstatt? Some İnformation About Hallstatt

Hallstatt, which has become one of the World Cultural Heritage(Unesco), is the most important salt trade center of the region with its known history since the 14th century. In the Salzkammergut region of Austria;  Hallstatt is a small residential area around Lake Hallstatt (Halstatter See). It is affiliated to the governorship of Bad Ischl. All houses are near to each other, around the see. Until the end of the 19th century, Hallstatt was only to reach by water; or on foot. In 1875, it was only possible to make a road through the mountain. The most important reason why this region has been so popular since the Neolithic period is that it is very rich in  salt. All the cities of the region, such as Salzburg, Bad Ischl and Dachstein, have been developed thanks to this salt trade and their wealth continues to this day. Since the 20th century, this wealth, along with the interest shown by tourists; tourism income has also been added. More than a million tourists visit this charming town every year, people come from all over the world.

Hallstatt, which is visited by nearly one million tourists every year, is like a corner of heaven with its wonderful nature.

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Where to visit in Hallstatt?

Maria Himmelfahrt, Catholic Church, right where you look at panoramic view of Hallstatt. The cemetery was built in the backyard of the church. The number of graves does not cause any problems since it is already very few native. It was so clean and tidy that people were afraid to talk while visiting this peaceful place.

Hallstatt Museum

In Hallstatt Museum, which is also considered a world heritage; It is possible to see works from Hallstatt's 7000-year history. It was closed because we went on the weekend. I hope that next time we visit there.

Salt Mines

Salt mines which are climbed by walking or funicular, are guided. Approximately 26 € per person if you go on foot, 30 € if you go with the funicular. Of course, this price may change over time.

Beinhaus (Bone House)

When there was no place to bury the dead in the 1700s, they removed the bones to bury new ones and painted them in a decorative way.

Walking Round The Streets

Of course  colorful, clean streets are at the beginning of the places to visit. It is possible to visit the tiny city in a few hours by walking. I think it's the best way to see everything in detail. Authentic clothes, souvenirs, as well as small shopping can be done while walking.

Boat trip

Let me take you to a boat trip. It's a must to take a boat trip around the lake.

Hotel Gasthof Simony

It's our favorite place because it's right by the lake. You can fänd there everything from coffee, pastry and traditional desserts to pizza and soup. If you want to eat more traditional dishes there are also a lot of places called Gasthof,  guest houses in Austria,that working as restaurant and hotel. The hotels are quite expensive and  is hard to find a free place to stay. I think it is more economical to stay in Salzburg and to go for a day trip by train. There is also a train from Vienna. It is almost impossible to find parking for cars, so it is best to take a day tour with bus or train from your accommodation.

Things you should take with you must include umbrellas, raincoats, shawls; because it is rainy for most of the year. The boat trip is quite windy.

Hallstatt 'where to stay, what to eat, what to drink, if you want to look in detail in the following link you can search in English and German; you can even make a reservation. If you want to stay inside, I recommend you take months in advance to make a reservation.


Hallstatt At Winter Time

Yesss I am  mother of those wonderful 3 kids :)

This was an article from our Hallstatt Trips at 2016-2017 and 2019. All pictures are belong to me. It is not allow to use them.

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