Ditch The Saree For The Lehenga With Style

The festive season is around the corner, and the smarter ones among us have already begun shopping for the number of occasions that are to line up in no time. Festivals are a time to flaunt traditional and ethnic garments, saree being the most common choice. Accessorizing the look with chunky jewelry, wearing your hair in beautiful hairstyles and sealing the overall look with gorgeous makeup is what every girl wants to do, come the festivities.
The saree is, no doubt, an elegant choice for any girl and woman. The perfect pick for Indian women, the saree is the epitome of grace and beauty. That doesn’t mean, however, that it continues to remain the only choice one can resort to when it comes to Indian festivals? There is an equally elegant, if not more, option that women are resorting to more and more because of a number of reasons – the Lehengas.

Why opt for the Lehenga?

The saree is a well-known companion when it comes to festivities and other traditional occasions like weddings and family functions. Even the salwar suit, coming in several varieties and styles, is an interesting option to go for. Why do we recommend the Lehenga with such vigor then? Read on to find out.

1.   The Trend Setter

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The moment you switch on the television and skip to fashion shows by your favourite Indian designers, it won't take long for you to realize what we are talking about. The Lehenga is the absolute sizzler on the ramp for a reason.  The attire is a major trend these days and will continue to be so, thanks to the constant styling and upgradation it continues receiving.

The Lehenga is also an absolute favourite among celebrities, not just from Bollywood but also internationally. Be it any traditional occasion, a wedding of a fellow star, a festive occasion like Diwali or a special premiere – celebrities never forget to don the Lehenga while ditching the saree on most occasions. Besides, even Hollywood stars have shown their love for the attire whenever they are seen being a part of a traditional Indian function. Just browse through some pictures of Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, and you will know what we are talking about.

In such a scenario, it is only advisable that you set trends even higher by sporting the Lehenga look, teaming them up with the best-suited hairstyle, makeup and accessories to turn heads all the way.

2.    Easier to Handle

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Not all of us are very comfortable wearing the saree for a fact. It is not very easy to handle one, especially when you have a lot of chores to look after. When it comes to festive occasions, the latter is difficult to avoid. You need to run errands, you need to look after guests, you need to decorate the house and you need to hold yourself together at the same time.

With Lehenga, things magically become a lot easier and more fun. You need not bother about your pleats that are falling away, neither about showing too much skin accidentally. You can be carefree that the Lehenga will not malfunction, for it is a three-piece garment, and each is so easy to put and carry all day long. All you need to worry about is that the smile on your face doesn't wear away with the chores – the rest is up to the Lehenga to manage.

3.    Never Ending varieties of Looks

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Who says the Lehenga can turn out to be monotonous eventually? There are such a lot of things you can do with the attire that you had no idea of. Speaking of the colour in the first place, there is no stopping when it comes to trends and designs. Go for neon in case you want to look the brightest at pop and not so formal occasion with family and friends. Ivory is the new red when it comes to weddings, and brides out there, just go with this colour to your Lehenga when you are picking one for your big day!

You can always accentuate a certain part of the three-piece garment for a fun twist. Try wearing a statement blouse with a comparatively simple lehenga for a most interesting silhouette. Contrarily, you could also go for a funky silhouette with the lehenga, say with multiple layers, while keeping the blouse basic or even replacing it with a jazzy crop top. The dupatta could be worn in some ways too, like a cape for instance, like a saree aanchal or even just over one shoulder side.

4.     Perfect for any occasion

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Last but not least, the Lehenga is suitable for any festive occasion or traditional event that you want to go to. This freedom may not always be available when one chooses to wear the saree, for the simple reason that the heavy sarees for a festivity might not allow you the necessary freedom to walk, talk and work freely.

The Lehenga instead is perfect for all occasions on the block. You may choose to vary the Lehenga according to the occasions – a simpler one for a daytime function and a heavy gorgeous one for a wedding. You could also play some mix and match games with the Lehenga for multiple looks, say pairing the blouse with a palazzo and the skirt with a Kurti and so on. 

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