A Guide To Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes


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There are many elements to consider when choosing the perfect style of engagement ring. One important factor to consider is the shape of the diamond itself. Diamonds can be cut into all kinds of shapes and they can have different visual effects. This post compares some of the main diamond shapes.


Round cuts remain the most popular shapes for diamonds. These shapes are so popular because they fit pretty much any ring style and offer amazing ‘brilliance’ (the technical name for a diamond’s sparkle). In most cases, they’re a safe option.


Oval diamonds offer a similar brilliance to round diamonds, but offer a slightly alternative edge. Their slender shape makes them popular to use as a centre stone in a ring alongside other diamonds, although they can be used on their own too. Check out more information on oval cut diamonds here


The princess diamond shape was designed in the 70s, making it a fairly contemporary option. It takes the shape of an upside down pyramid with a square top. Princess diamonds have become very popular and offer a lot of sparkle. 


Cushion cut diamonds have a square shape with rounded corners. They are less popular than round diamonds, and yet offer the same brilliance and a similar shape - often at a much lower price. Overall, they’re worth considering. 


If you want your diamond to take a traditional diamond shape, opt for a marquise diamond. This diamond shape was popularised by King Louis XIV who wanted a diamond to represent the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. Such diamonds are typically quite big, making the statement option.


The emerald cut - as the name suggests - is the most common way of cutting emeralds. However, this rectangular shape can also be applied to diamonds for an alternative look. Small emerald diamonds can be positioned horizontally along the band, while larger emerald diamonds typically have a vertical setting.


Pear diamonds (or teardrop diamonds) have an iconic pear shape. They are most commonly used as earring pendants, but can also make fun diamond shapes on rings. The point of the pear typically faces downwards when used on a ring, although can be pointed upwards. 


The radiant diamond shape is a combination of the emerald cut and popular round cut that is used to achieve superior radiance. If you’re looking for a slightly alternative shape that really catches the light inside, consider this shape.


Designed by a man named Joseph Asscher, the Asscher cut became popular in the Art Deco era. It’s a square cut diamond with a steep cut x-shape in the middle. This cut has regained popularity in recent years and is a great statement option.


Diamonds can even be cut into the shape of a heart. This diamond shape is most popularly used as a necklace pendant, but can also be used as a ring diamond. Due to how difficult this shape is to cut, heart shapes come at a premium price, so may not be within everyone’s budget.

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