Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friends

Have you ever seen Marilyn Monroe' s famous film Gentlemen Preffer Blondes? ActuaIly it was a Broadway musical and the song Diamonds are a girls best friends belongs to this musical. I love her and her films and I say no for some diamonds too :) Is there any woman that does not love jewelleries?
Jewellery brand Soufeel,has too many beautifull jewelleries for every taste and budget.  There are some new arrivals this week. So I decided to share some of them with you and I have made a wishlist with some really elegant pieces.

silver-925 sterling

 For those wonderful 925 sterling silver  milky way earrings please look here .

For those elegant bowknot 925 sterling silver earrings please look here .

Glittering raindrop earrings, 925 sterling silver. For more information please look here .

Soufeel Treasure our love ring with five pearls, 925 sterling silver. For more information please look here .

Pure necklace. For more information please look here .

How did you find soufeel jewelleries? I would like to say goodbye today . Take care of yourself:)

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