What Type Of Diamonds Are Most Expensive?

Not all diamonds are created equal. When it comes down to cost, many factors can change the price and bring it up or down. When examining the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, carat and colour, all have several things to do with its price tag. However, there are some diamonds that are rarer and have built up a reputation for being highly priced.

Firstly, you want to ensure that when you are buying a diamond, you buy from reputable shops like The Diamond Jewellery Studio. You are parting with a large portion of your hard-earned money and there are always those on the market that will not give you the right information and price for what you get.

Being aware of this, you can source out carefully which are the most reputable sources and purchase a single diamond with the upmost confidence.

What Types Of Diamonds Are Most Expensive?

Even though the price of the diamond is based on the 4 C’s, there are different grades that can impact the overall cost of the stone. Colour is one of the most important factors to a diamond’s price. It may appear to be colourless but some also have hues of pinks and blues which occur naturally.

Now you have something that makes this beautiful stone even rarer and the price increases dramatically. It’s safe to say that the collection of precious pieces of fancy coloured diamonds have a higher price than colourless diamonds. If you are to consider all the shades within this realm, it is its vivid read that appear to have the higher price tags. They are in fact so rare that you will rarely find them in stores online or offline. When it comes to officially GIA-certified red diamonds, there only appear to be less than twenty in the entire market. 

Who knows as to why this colour in particular is so rare? The largest red diamond that has been accounted for is worth $2,000,000 when you compare this to the thousands that can be spent on other diamonds.

Are You Looking For A Coloured Diamond?

Whether you fancy a splash of colour to your ring or enjoy the rare beauty and prestige behind having a fancy diamond, it’s important to know what’s out there. One of the more popular diamonds that are ready and on the market are pink argyle diamonds. They are stunning within themselves and still remain rare to be seen on someone’s fingers compared to normal diamonds.

As you explore different shades and colours, you can move within price ranges. You will always find that the rarest coloured diamonds will be infrequent and when you do come across it, it will be very expensive. Another reason is that the demand for these rare stones surpasses the supply. This means jewellers and can produce this shade artificially so more people can feel as though they own the real thing for a fraction of the price.

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