Jeans 2019-The Best Jean Styles and 25 New Jeans From Amazon

Jeans jeans jeans... My favorite for every times. I can not imagine a life without my jeans. What about you? Do you love jeans like me? What about the jeans styles at 2019? Have you got an idea whitch jean styles are in? Let us take a look to the newest jeans styles. Whitch colors, whitch cuts are in? 
Classics are always in. classic cuts, flowers, high waists, but cuts all are in again. 

jeans 2019

High water skinny jeans are a new trend. What does it means? 3/4 high waist jeans are really very in. This is a good new for short women like me :)

 Feminin but cuts, are trend at 2019 .I love also feminin cuts. 
 And red color is the favorite jean  color. I am happy to have also a red one. Patchwork, slit, striped jeans are other trends.

What should we pay attention to when buying jeans?

It is possible to find jeans that fit every style and size. However, there are some points that we need to pay attention to.


The jeans you buy very big size,  with plenty of time will stretch more and more and will loose their form. Choose full-fitting sizes.

Waist Height

The most comfortable ones are those of normal height. If you love low waist jeans, the size should fit well to your body.


Boot cut jeans look very good with high heels . Narrow jeans should be at or above the full wrist bone and can be worn with each shoe.


The darker colors change as they are washed, but they will show you weaker than you are.

Back pockets

If the back pockets of the jeans are small, and high your boot looks bigger.

Finally, the jean model that will suit you most is the one that fits your body type. It is not true to wear something that you don't look good within, just because fashion.

25 Bestseller Jeans at 2019

For today, I made a new list with new bestseller amazon jeans. I hope you like it. 

Levi's Straight Jeans

Oodji Ultra Skinny Ripped Jeans

Wrangler Skinny Jeans

Replay Boyfriend Jean

Lexxury Boyfriend Jeans

Fraternel Loose Fit Jeans

Street One Slim Jeans

Elara Buttoned Jean

Elara Stretch Jean

Mavi Skinny Jeans

Mac Skinny Power Strech

Elara Stretch Ripped Jean

Tommy Jeans Skinny Jeans

Fashion 4 Young Gray Jeans

Fashion 4 Young Buttoned Jean

Boyfriend Jean

Buttoned Jean

Oran Designe Boot Cut Jeans

Boyfriend Skinny Jean

Onlynose Skinny Jeans

Bootcut Jeans

EGOMAXXX Striped Jean

OSAB White Jean

OSAB Lexury Jeans

Cecil Colour Denim

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