Active Monday-13

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Helloooo !!! Another Active Monday day and I have a video and a diet program for you. If you have love handles, read carefully

Health Tipps Of This Week

 Diet Program for Melting Waist

First of all, I am a fun of healthy nutrition and I do not like certain diet programs. But I wanted to add to this program that can be seen as a healthy diet example because I can not see a harmful direction. Do not forget to undergo a doctor's check before you start dieting and sports to avoid any health problems.
The love handles melting diet is built on six small meals a day and will be free to diversify the recommended foods in the list but there will be the same amount of calories.

1. Meal

 Half a cup of oats, cinnamon and water (cook all together), 2 egg omelets (with spinach, onion, fresh pepper can be put into) to be cooked with coconut oil. 1 cup of green tea .

2. Meal

Smoothie made with avocado, blueberry, protein powder and almond milk.

3. Meal

Salad with spinach, tomato, avocado, fresh pepper, olive oil and vinegar. A slice of boiled chicken breast, half boiled sweet potatoes, a cup of green tea.

4. Meal

 Shake of apples and protein powder.

5. Meal

Boiled salmon, with lemon and garlic . A cup of green tea next to asparagus or abundant greens salad.

6. Meal

This meal is not compulsory, but if you are very hungry you can eat fat-free yogurt with almonds or walnuts.

For faster results:

Avoid sweetener.
Do not consume non-healthy fats.
Use pepper, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric.
Drink plenty of water.
Keep your meal hours organized.
Do not consume alcohol or eat moderately.
Do not over-consume the coffee.
Protein bars can consume sugar in consciously.

And of course after this diet programm a video for melting your love handles from Rebecca Louis. Enjoy it. 

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