Yoghurt, Honey And Oat Mask For A Clear And Luminous Skin

The plain yogurt is a super food which is included in many homemade beauty mask recipes. Yogurt contains vitamins and minerals that stimulate the dried skin. Yogurt masks are particularly effective on acne prone skin. The content of yogurt contains alpha hydroxy acids and other antibacterial agents that kill acne-causing bacteria. The yogurt, honey and oatmeal mask we give below will give the skin a brilliant glow. Honey has the property of softening and moisturizing the skin, it is also rich in antioxidants and thus prevents skin damage caused by free radicals. Helps skin look smooth and supple, fading fine lines and wrinkles. Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliator, which means that the dead cells can be flaked and leave the skin. Deeply cleans the pores and nourishes the skin.  Let us take a look at this magical recipe that will give you a glittering skin:


1 tbsp yogurt
1 teaspoon oatmeal
1 teaspoon honey


Place the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.
Apply the mask of your hand to your wallets with a thick layer on your fingertips.
Wait 15 minutes.
When the time is up, wash your face with warm water and remove the mask.
Then wash in cold water and dry gently with a clean towel.


Use organic yogurt, pure, if not possible.
If you make a steam bath and open the pores before applying the mask, your skin will absorb the mask better and benefit more.
If you collect your hair or close it with a bag or a towel, you will avoid the risk of the mask becoming infected.
If you feel that your skin is a bit stiff after removing the mask, moisten your face with 1 - 2 drops of olive oil.

Hilal Uslu

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  1. Anche io preparo spesso una maschera con miele e yogurt


  2. İngilizce bilmiyorum.Ne yazsam bilemedim😂
    Derya abla diyosa dogrudur!Yapın maskeyi!🤣❤️

    1. Tesekkürler canim. Yaziyi sevgili Hilal Uslu yazdi 😊

  3. Yoghurt, Honey And Oat Mask is very beneficial to the skin. I love it. Thanks for the suggestion 🤗

  4. Deryacım tam yorum yazacaktım..Büşra'nın yorumu okuyunca kendimden geçtim.. Bence de Büşraca ;)))

  5. Bal maskelerine bayiliyorum canim💖

  6. Uma receita fantástica! Que adorei ficar a conhecer!
    No momento estou experimentando uma bem no género... substituído a aveia, por café moído... o aspecto, poderá não ser dos mais agradáveis, quando se usa... mas o resultado do café moído na pele... recomendo, também! Ficamos logo no próprio momento, com a pele imediatamente suavizada... experimente, um dia destes!...
    Grata pela sua gentil visita em artandkits.blogspot.com
    Adorei este seu formidável espaço!... E já a estamos a seguir, pois claro!
    Tudo de bom! Feliz fim de semana! Beijinhos

    1. Thanks for your kind comment and why you share your experimences with us. Have a nice Sunday 😊

  7. Un post muy interesante! Gracias por pasarte por mi blog! 🌻🌻🌻

  8. Amazing post, dear!
    Hugs ♥

  9. Great recipe, I have used in the past yogurt and honey on home made masks but I never tought of using oatmal. I will try this as son as possible.

  10. Ich bin der Typ, der sie lieber isst ;-) LG Romy

  11. ho proprio bisogno di una maschera idratante

  12. Looks like a great mask that does its job. Greetings.

    1. Thanks dear have a happy weekend 😊


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