20 Trenchcoats and Spring Jackets From Fashion Mia-All About Trenchcoats

Trenchcoat is one of the classics of fashion history. For over 100 years, the classic trenchcoat model continues to be irreplaceable for people. Trenchcoats that produced in different lengths and colors  seems not to be outdated. Actually, every stylish woman must have one in her closet !!!

History of Trenchcoat

Trenchcoat was first used by soldiers. In 1897, Thomas Burberry realized that the Gabardine fabric was waterproof and stable. He thought it would be great for the soldiers to wear. It was first used in the British Army.
With Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany  films, it became a fashion classic.
Today I made a list with trenchcoats and spring jackets  for you.

I would like yo start with a classic model and color

Burgundy trenchcoat

Brown trenchcoat

Beige trenchcoat

White trenchcoat

Army green trenchcoat

Burgundy trenchcoat

Brown trenchcoat

Army green long trenchcoat

Brown trenchcoat

Light pink trenchcoat

Red short trenchcoat

Denim trenchcoat

Khaki trenchcoat

Khaki kneelength trenchcoat

Denim trenchcoat

Gray long trenchcoat

Double breasted pink trenchcoat

Single button purple jacket

Double breasted slit pocket, yellow tenchcoat

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