Active Monday-12

I wish you all a healthy and active week. I will share a cardio work out for beginners and some usefull tipps for flatt abs. 

Health tipps of this week:

Do you want flatt abs? Many people think that with too many crunches, the belly will melt. But the crunch is just a movement of the upper muscles of what we call the six-pack. It is also mentioned in many foreign publications that it is also harmful for back and spine.
Let's look at what we call this belly, if you like. While the abdomen is considered only the middle part of the abdomen, the abdominal region, the core called the front, back, side that surrounds the region completely.
This means that only the middle part does not benefit us. We need to work the front, middle, side and back muscles as a whole.

However, we must first identify these two points. Is there fat in our abdomen? If our abdominal area is fatt, we have to burn those fats first, as well as make movements that work out the muscles to shape.
Second point, what kind of profit do we want to have? A flat stomach or a muscular belly? Two different subjects. Many people who dreamed of flattering the abdomen, making an unnecessary number of muscle-enhancing movements, the muscles in that part are swelling, They say 'I'm working upbutmy stomach is not flattened'. Here is the key point,do not work too much, just work correctly.
Another correct abdomen move, that works our deep ab muscels is stomach vacuum. As you breath in feel you core with air and as you breath out took your core in and breath out long. You can also find many videoas about stomach vacuum. 
Another very important element for flat abdomen is of course feeding. We have to avoid sugar and refined food as well. 

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