5 Tips For The Perfect Party Makeup


Party make-up is not just party make-up. After all, there are different criteria for a party look then for your day make-up in the office!

Your party look doesn't just have to be giga-glamorous, it also has to look great after hours on the dance floor, without you constantly having to touch things up. With just a few tweaks to your makeup routine, you'll be able to not only look gorgeous at the next party but look fresh after you've been banging those high-heeled legs for hours.

Look Fresh For Hours With Concealer


Many parties only start when the day is well advanced. Looking really fresh and sexy way after midnight? No children's birthday. It is therefore all the more important to cleverly conceal the first signs of tiredness on the face. A so-called concealer is very suitable for this. Concealers are now available in all shapes, colors, and price ranges.

Basically, there is nothing else behind it than a concealing cream with which it is not only possible to reliably cover dark circles under the eyes, but also to make small impurities, redness, spots, and even scars invisible. The concealer is applied either on its own or as concealing support over the foundation. After being gently patted in, the velvety texture immediately melts unobtrusively into the skin. The complexion not only looks more even immediately but also as if you suddenly had a few more hours on your beauty sleep account.

An admittedly inconspicuous beauty tool that definitely belongs in your mini bag. In this way, you can quickly lighten up your lower eye area later in the day and look really fresh again in no time. Eye bags? Not on the guest list.

Anti-Dark Circles Agent Concealer-Which Shade is The Right One?

Waking up without dark circles and also completely flawless - is that the normal state for you? Don't you know dark circles? Then you are one of the few women who are spared dark circles under their eyes. Because especially in stressful times with very little sleep, most of us are sooner or later confronted with dark circles under our eyes. A concealer conceals this in no time and makes a major contribution to making the complexion look fresher, more relaxed, and more even in no time at all. In addition to mascara, it is therefore also part of the absolute basic equipment for most women.

The concealer should be a maximum of 1-2 shades lighter than your skin color and have good coverage. If you have rather dry skin, a texture with a lot of moisture is a better choice. A dry concealer immediately settles in the fine lines under the eyes. For bluish circles under the eyes, a concealer with a slight orange tinge is a good choice. Strong violet circles under the eyes are best covered with a pinkish tone. If the circles under your eyes tend to turn a dark brown, a yellow-tinged concealer is your go-to. You can either apply the concealer with a brush or gently pat it on the skin with your fingers.

How to Keep Your Skin Matt For Hours

Even women with flawless skin tend to have a slight shine in the so-called T-zone. T-zone is the zone that forms a T with the forehead, nose, and chin. Since there are a particularly large number of sebaceous glands here, the skin often shows a light film of oil that, depending on the skin type, shines to a greater or lesser extent. For a perfect appearance at the next party, we arm ourselves with blotting papers. Blotting papers originated in Japan and work like small blotting papers. They fit into any mini handbag, no matter how small, and reliably absorb sweat, grease, and oil.

Steam Bath With Chamomile For Matte Skin and Fine Pores

Anyone who would like to try a home remedy against unsightly skin shine can also use the following trick: A steam bath with chamomile tea! The gentle steam expands the pores so that excess sebum can drain away. The active ingredients in chamomile also have an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. To do this, simply put two tea bags of chamomile tea in a bowl of hot water and let the contents steep for 10-15 minutes. Then bend over your cleansed face, free of all dirt and make-up residue (be careful not to get too close to the hot water), and place a large towel over your head so that the steam cannot escape and its full effect is felt your skin can unfold.

 If you apply a moisturizer now, the ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their full effect. After all, flawlessly perfect, well-moisturized skin is the basis of every make-up! Your skin is now perfectly prepared and the make-up can begin. 

Party Makeup For Eyes


Whether with eyeshadow, kajal pencils, or eyeliner - with little effort you can transform your eyes into real eye-catchers. Whether you go for classic party make-up looks like smokey eyes or elegant eyeliner is entirely up to you. Have you ever tried the mono-color eyeshadow trend? Or worn two-toned glitter eyeliner? Your party make-up possibilities are unlimited.

Smokey Eyes: The Party Makeup Classic

Smokey eyes are wild, sexy, and – depending on the degree of blurring – a bit wicked. Rocking, smoky smokey eyes can be made up in no time with just a little effort and the right tools.

How To Apply Smokey Eyes

After you have applied the concealer, you should first use an eyeshadow foundation or an eyeshadow primer before applying the eyeshadow. Your eye shadow lasts so extra long! With a pointed (!) black kajal pencil, first, draw an eyeliner close to your lash line. For inexperienced hands, this works best if you first set individual points and then connect them with each other. Black or dark gray eyeshadow is then applied around the eye, starting at the outer corner of the eye and working towards the inner corner of the eye, and then gently smudged. For large, expressive eyes, black kohl also looks good on the waterline of the eye. If you have small eyes, you should better use a white or nude-colored kajal pencil to optically enlarge your eyes.

 Eyeliner For a Perfect Party Makeup 

Do you think dark smokey eyes look too much like a rock concert? Then you might be more of a member of the “classic eyeliner” team. A sweeping, elegant eyeliner is quick to make and suits every eye shape. The best way to line an eyelid is to support your elbow and then draw the line along the lash line with either kajal or liquid eyeliner. With a bit of practice, you can achieve a perfect eyeliner in no time.

 How To Get The Mono-Color Eye Makeup

With the monochrome eyeshadow trend, one eyeshadow color is evenly distributed over the entire lid, and artistic shading is not of interest. Rather, a single shade is applied compactly to the upper lid. This effect can be intensified by not only applying the eyeshadow to the lower lid but up to the eyebrows. Attention is guaranteed!

The eyebrows should only be brushed into shape with a transparent brow gel. The focus of the mono-color trend is entirely on your eyes. When applying mascara, you should use waterproof mascara. This ensures a sexy look and keeps the color and shape of your eyelashes even when you sweat during the fifth Beyoncé song.

Two-Tone Glitter Eyeliner: How to Apply It

 How to achieve this eye-catching makeup look? First of all, you have to decide on two different colored glitter eyeliners. The best thing to do here is to choose two tones that are quite far apart on the color scale. How about gold and purple?

After you have primed your eye area with an eyeshadow foundation or an eyeshadow primer, for your perfect party make-up you first draw a line with the lighter, for example, golden eyeliner close to your lash line. After about the first third of the lid, stop and now reach for the dark violet tone, with which you continue to paint the eyeliner close to the lash line in the direction of the outer corner of the eye. Then apply a lot of mascara to the eyelashes and lightly emphasize the lips with a nude-colored lipstick or gloss. If you like it decidedly more eye-catching, you can create even more eye-catching potential with red lipstick.

You Need These Products For The Perfect Party Makeup

 You don't need much for the perfect party make-up.

In addition to a primer, i.e. a good foundation suitable to your skin tone, you should have a concealer and an eye shadow primer, which ensures a particularly long-lasting eye shadow result. It fits in every small mini bag - the perfect beauty tool to cover dark circles quickly and effectively during the late hour of the party.

After the basic work of priming and preparing the eye area, it’s time to apply the eye shadow. It is very easy to create soft transitions with a brush. However, you run the risk of the eyeshadow spreading “everywhere”, i.e. ending up on your lower eyelid or even on your cheeks when you apply it. With an eyeshadow applicator, you can apply the eyeshadow precisely, but you have to blend it afterward. If you opt for smokey eyes, you need black or dark gray eye shadow, a black kajal pencil, and mascara that conjures up density and volume.

If you want to use one-color matt eyeshadow for your party make-up in a mono-color look, you need an eyeshadow in the color of your choice. If you like it particularly conspicuous, you are not only right on trend with two different glitter eyeliners but are definitely right when it comes to attracting attention. The concealer and the blotting papers should definitely make it into your handbag. Blotting papers only take up very little space in your bag and are simply perfect for ridding the skin of unsightly shine in the T-zone quickly and for a long time.

How Much Time Do You Need For Your Party Makeup

You already have a party make-up guide. But how much time should you plan for your eye-catching look? With practiced hands, you should have your party make-up ready to go in less than half an hour. If you are not (yet) used to putting on make-up in such an elaborate or heavy manner, you should schedule a bit of extra time in which you can correct small mistakes with cotton swabs and make-up remover lotion. In general, you should take enough time to avoid getting stressed and hectic.

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