5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Winter

 It’s no secret that winter is one of the most difficult seasons to keep your hair healthy. But don't worry, we have some great tips to help you out!

Today we want to suggest 5 ways to keep your hair healthy during the winter months. The best way to protect your hair from the elements is by using a good conditioner. This will help seal in moisture and prevent split ends.

Wash it with a good quality shampoo

If you wash your hair every day, then you should also use shampoo. The shampoo helps remove dirt and oil from your scalp, which can cause buildup and dandruff. But try to buy natural shampoo without a lot of chemicals.

Don't use too much heat or blow dryers

You should avoid using hot tools such as blow dryers and curling irons when washing your hair because these tools can damage your hair. Instead, use a wide toothcomb to gently brush through your hair. This will prevent tangles and breakage.

Avoid using hot tools like curling irons

If you do decide to use a curling iron, make sure to only heat up the barrel part of the iron. Don’t touch the handle with your fingers because this can cause burns. Also, never leave the iron unattended while heating up.

Try to avoid styling products that contain alcohol

Alcohol dries out your hair, making it more prone to breakage. This is especially true when using heated tools such as flat irons and curling irons. Instead, opt for shampoos and conditioners that contain natural oils and moisturizers. You should also try to limit the number of times you wash your hair per week.

Be careful when using conditioner

Conditioners are great at adding moisture to your hair, but they can dry out your strands if used too often. Try to use them only once every two weeks or so. If you do need to use a conditioner, make sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Don’t apply too much product, and avoid getting it into your eyes.

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  1. These are great tips! I don't use heat on my hair (I don't even own a blow dryer) and I also don't use styling products, but I had no idea using conditioner too often could affect your hair.

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