Traveling Tips For Families With Kids


Time as a couple on a family holiday: this way, togetherness is not neglected

Anyone who goes on holiday with the family wants to relax, experience new things and have a good time. When the offspring is scurrying around, it is usually not that easy to treat yourself to a break as a couple. We have put together 7 tips on how to do this.


 Traveling Tips For Families With Kids

1. Don't expect too much

Of course, the (family) reality continues on vacation. As parents, you have a lot to take care of – maybe even more than at home. You should be aware of that. If you start the break with adjusted expectations and keep reminding yourself, you will most likely have a better time.


You should also discuss in advance what you expect from the trip. This avoids a lot of frustration, which you would otherwise like to pass on to each other. And thus enables the right mood - for the holiday itself, but also for a break as a couple.


2. Good holiday preparation


If you take care of a lot before you go on vacation, you don't have to do it on-site and you have a little more freedom: enough diapers, the children's favorite snacks, a travel pharmacy, distractions for bad weather (such as games, painting, and handicrafts or a Tablet with children's films), possible destinations for a trip and a rough schedule - all of this can be prepared. Of course, scheduling should not be a tight corset that leaves no room for spontaneity and flexibility. But a specific daily schedule is certainly helpful so that some couple time fits in.


In addition, it can be worth spending a little more money for accommodation with several bedrooms. Because when the little ones have their own room, the parents also have a nice retreat for themselves.


3. Balanced program

The vacation time is limited and you want to experience as much as possible. However, it is important to keep the balance – i.e. not to cram too many program items into the stay. Days with a lot of action should also be followed by days when everyone can relax and enjoy time together. Well-balanced children accept care much better and then allow their parents to break for each other.


4. Planning the date night

In addition to general preparation for the holiday, a little planning for the date night is also advisable: What options are there in your accommodation or nearby? Does the baby monitor work in the hotel restaurant, spa, or café in front of the door? Can you book a babysitter? The operator can answer such questions and certainly also give tips. With regard to the reception of the baby monitor, for example, it can make sense to ask for a room facing the street if there is a restaurant there.


A point that should not be neglected: if you have reserved a table and hired a babysitter, there is less chance that you will just fall into bed exhausted that night without leaving the accommodation.


5. Seek care

As long as the kids are scurrying around you, you can't really have quality time together as a couple. Even when the little ones are sleeping, the range of options is usually limited. However, if you go on holiday with your grandparents, relatives or friends, the companions can also look after the kids - and may even be used to it anyway.


The alternative is professional care, either as a concrete activity program during the day or with a babysitter in the evenings. Of course, not only the children but also the parents have to feel comfortable with the care. So look for options in advance, search the internet for the experiences of other parents or reviews of offers and speak to the operator of your accommodation. If this is important to you, you can also try to get an impression of the care or the babysitter at a meeting in advance - either without children or deliberately with them. Then you can really switch off at your candlelight dinner.


6. Don't allow distractions

Switching off is a good keyword. Because mobile phones and tablets often prevent us from giving the other person the attention they deserve. Therefore, the following applies to quality time: Electronic devices (except for the baby monitor) stay in your pocket. Surely you want to be available if something is wrong with the children. But you can also hear the ringing - you don't have to hold your smartphone in your hand or put it on the table, a loud setting is sufficient.


7. Couple time doesn't have to mean just time together

As a couple, it is certainly nice to have some time for yourself on vacation. But even in the presence of the children, a lot is possible if you decide to appreciate the little things and actively enjoy them. A longer car or train journey, for example, when the child is sleeping or distracted, offers the opportunity for a quiet conversation without time pressure. A long walk with a swaddle, pram, or buggy is still possible for a midday nap. And in between, there is also room for nice words, a kind gesture, a hug, a kiss. Get involved with your family and the time together!

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