Educational And Joyful Video Games For Your Kids

Video games are an essential part of my life. I have been playing them for almost all of my life. It all started when I got my first own laptop. It had Windows 7 on it, and it had enough power to play online games and such. At that time, online games were pretty much the only games I ever touched, but I was very satisfied with them. I played games all day long, a huge variety of games. Sometimes I would play racing games, sometimes I wanted to play some arcade games. Back then, online games were very huge and popular amongst kids and teenagers. These games that I’m talking about were so-called “Flash Games” because they all ran on adobe’s Flash Player. I loved those games so much, and honestly, I still do! But unfortunately, Adobe decided to shut down the Flash Player because it had many security risks and bugs that came with it. It was simply deprecated. So, in 2021, you could no longer play any flash games online. Many of those games were ported to HTML so they could still be enjoyed by many people. But the majority of them just vanished from the Internet. But, with a special application, you can still play all of your favorite flash games from the past. So, I revisit them every so often because they remind me of my childhood a lot when everything was simpler. The times when you could just wake up, eat breakfast, and then play games all day. Good times indeed! Nowadays, I don’t really play online games, only when I want to revisit some old ones. Usually, I like to play other games such as survival or racing games on my PC. I buy them on a Platform called “Steam”. It’s like an online market for games which I frequently use for all of my games.

Now, to be honest, I like playing these games with great graphics and nice gameplay, but sometimes,  it’s more fun to play simpler games that maybe don’t have great graphics and not that exciting gameplay. The simpler games always catch my attention the most. I start to play them, and after some time, I can’t stop anymore because something in those games makes me want to play more. So, the simpler games offer the most fun for me. Maybe that has something to do with my childhood when I exclusively played online games. Maybe it’s some kind of artifact that got stuck in my mind from those times. Whatever it is, I am glad that I’m carrying it with me. Because as much as I like playing complex games with stunning graphics and all that stuff, sometimes it’s just nice to go back to the roots and just enjoy gaming like I did as a child. And let me tell you, I have found a site named that has exactly the kind of games I enjoy so much.

It’s mostly a website for actual calculation and stuff, but there’s also a game section, which is really awesome. Now, the games all have elements of math in them but honestly, that’s my favorite part of the games, believe it or not! It forces you to use your brain, but at the same time, the games are designed to also be fun. So, you could call them educational games. My mother actually linked me to the website and said that I should try some of the games there. And so, I did. That’s what this whole article is about, after all. So I picked out 2 of my favorite games to share with you and without further ado, let’s play!

Crazy Math

Alright, so the first game is called “CrazyMath”. And let me tell you right now, it was the most fun I had in a few days! It’s basically a math-quiz kind of game. You have about 3 seconds to solve a simple math problem. If the time runs out before you answer, the game is over. If you do answer the question, though, you get to carry on. There’s a score you can reach, and your best score will always be displayed at the top right corner of the game screen. The highest score that I was able to reach was 12. I have to say, it’s a pretty challenging game. If you don’t concentrate enough, you will definitely fail a lot. But I just loved it. Although the gameplay is pretty simple, the thing it doesn’t lack is the fun! Honestly, I could play this all day long if I wanted to! The music is also pretty dope, and it keeps you motivated, too! I’d definitely recommend this game, especially to children because it also is an excellent educational game, let’s not forget that! But it’s also good to train your brain a little from time to time, even as an adult.

Feed Math

Now the next game in my favorites is called “Feed Math”. This game is a little more complex than the other one. Here, you have a guy that needs to be fed. In the front, there’s a conveyor belt with sushi scrolling past. Now, all of the sushi pieces have a number floating above them. The guy has a different number on his chest every time he eats what you give him. You have to get him the sushi pieces that, when added together, equal the numbers on the guy’s shirt. The sushi pieces scroll by quite fast, so you have to be quick with your thinking. This was also a very fun game for me to play. The design was nicely done, the gameplay was not too challenging but still a challenge and it’s always satisfying to get the right answer. The goal of the game is basically, again, to get a high score. My high score was 527. This game gets very addicting, very fast! I think I played 10 minutes before I finally stopped myself. But in my free time, I would definitely play it much longer than 10 minutes! I definitely recommend this to anyone who is reading this right now!!! And especially for children, it’s a wonderful educational game. Remember, education can be fun, and this site proved it to me right away! I never had so much fun with learning than with these games! I hope this article helped you to get a small look at how this game site is and you should play these games whenever you’re bored or need some exercises for your brain.

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