These 4 Hacks When Washing Hair Provide More Volume

Would you like more volume and strength in your hair? These 4 hair washing hacks will help!

If the hair lacks elasticity and fullness, we hope for special shampoos for more volume. But they don't keep what they promise? Then it doesn't necessarily have to be the product itself, maybe it's just being misused. Here are the best hair wash hacks that will make fine hair bouncy and manageable without falling flat.

1: Pay attention to the amount of shampoo

For more volume, we must break away from the motto "more is more". It may be well-intentioned to apply a large amount of shampoo in hopes of strong hair. But that can quickly go wrong and weigh down fine hair unnecessarily. Therefore, the following rule of thumb applies: one teaspoon of shampoo is suitable for short hair, and two of them for long hair.

2: wash your hair properly

Have you ever paid attention to how you massage the shampoo into your scalp? One or the other may also like to work with their nails, but they have a break at this point. Instead, the roots should only be soaped with the fingertips and the ends of the hair left out - dirt is rarely found here anyway and it is removed thoroughly enough when rinsing. And now comes another important tip: To promote blood circulation and increase volume, you should shampoo with the head down.

3: Be careful with the conditioner

Of course, the conditioner is not left out on the way to voluminous hair. However, caution is advised here, as this can even be responsible for the fact that volume is lost. So what to do to achieve the best possible result? Simply apply the care product to the ends of your hair!

 4: dry hair correctly

Again, there are a few things to keep in mind so that all the volumizing work isn't ruined during drying. The first point is: take your time! Also, avoid towel-drying your hair, which can make it dull and frizzy. Instead, the towel is practically kneaded. After the excess water has been removed, the hair dryer can run - use it at medium heat and always lead it in the same direction. Then nothing should stand in the way of voluminous hair.

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