Coloring Hair Yourself: Avoid These 9 Mistakes

Coloring hair yourself: these mistakes should be avoided


1. Wrong original color

The result will not be what you imagine? Is it either way too intense or barely noticeable? This is most likely due to the fact that you misjudged your original color and therefore did not choose the right product. Always observe the color table (before and after) on the packaging.

2. Bad preparation

As with so many things, good preparation is half the battle. You should therefore have all the equipment you need ready in advance. Otherwise, it will be chaotic. This includes:

  •     a hand mirror
  •     a comb
  •     Bobby pins
  •     An old towel
  •     vaseline

Our tip: put on an old shirt while you dye your hair. Then don't ruin your clothes.

3. Freshly washed hair

The hair should not be washed for a day or two before dying. Because the scalp's natural protective sebum layer reduces the risk of irritation. You should also avoid care products such as hairspray or oil during this time. These residues prevent the color from penetrating evenly into the layers of the hair.

4. Skin not protected

Vaseline or another fatty cream prevents you from coloring your skin as well as your hair. Around the hairline, be sure to apply it to the ears and also something on the neck, Vaseline prevents the skin from becoming discolored and blotchy. But be careful: the cream should not come into contact with the hair.

5. Too little color

If you have shoulder-length and normal-thick hair or if you just want to re-color the roots, a common color pack is sufficient. However, if your hair is longer or particularly thick, you should buy two packs to be on the safe side.

6. Uneven color distribution

In order for all of your hair to shine in the new color, in the end, the color must of course also be worked evenly into each strand. The best way to do this is to divide the hair into several sections and pin up the finished colored strands.

Our tip: Support is an advantage, especially at the back of the head. Maybe there are two helping hands at home to help you?

7. Incorrect exposure time

Adhere exactly to the exposure time, which is written on the packaging. Do not shorten or lengthen it! Above all, a shorter exposure time than recommended can have unpleasant consequences. For example, when dyeing blonde, an undesirable yellow tinge can occur if the minutes are not precisely adhered to.

8. Not rinsed thoroughly

Take some extra time to wash off any residue of the color from your hair. The remaining coloration can cause severe irritation. The scalp may start to itch or burn. The rule is always: rinse thoroughly!

9. Lack of care

Coloration can be a real stress test for some hair. Therefore, you should always take good care of your mane afterward. This has another advantage: the care products close the cuticle of the hair and the color cannot escape so quickly. Ergo: The new hair color lasts much longer and stays radiant.

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