What Is Polyester Fabric And What Affects On Our Skin

 When it comes to textiles, we come across many types of fabrics. Some of these fabrics contain properties that are not very good for our skin. Polyester fabric is also one of the most popular fabrics in the textile world. This type of fabric can be used during the production of products such as clothing, bedspreads, and bed linen. So what is a not-so-innocent polyester fabric, and what kind of features does it have?

What is Polyester?

 Polyester is a type of artificial fiber and is a frequently preferred raw material in textiles. Polyester fibers are sometimes blended together with cotton fibers, and higher quality fabric types may result. Polyester fabric, which has a very wide usage area in the textile world, can also be used to produce many products by using it alone. Occurs when mixed with other fibers; fabrics such as single jersey, satin, taffeta, and organizer come out. In fact, the basic raw material of polyester is hard coal, plastic, and petroleum products. The polyester fabric, which was invented in 1941, was notable for not requiring ironing. The reason for the inclusion of synthetic fabric in clothing products is to reduce wrinkles and provide comfort for use. So what are the properties of polyester fabric?

What Features Does Polyester Fabric Have?

  • It is a type of fabric with low cost and is cheap compared to other fabrics.
  •  Its structure is light and thin.
  • Mostly, it does not require ironing and does not crease easily.
  •  Does not stain.
  • There is no fading or change in color after washing.
  • The fabric traces that occur as you use it are not in question in polyester.
  • It has a shiny, durable, soft, and slippery structure.
  • It is not affected by organisms such as mold and fungi.
  • It always preserves its novelty in terms of appearance and does not wear out easily.

Although the properties of polyester fabric sound nice, they are not very reliable and healthy for our skin. So, how does it harm us to prefer clothing and textile products produced with polyester fabric?

Effects of Polyester Fabric on Our Skin

  • Since the polyester fabric has nylon and plastic raw materials, it prevents the skin from breathing and also invites skin diseases.
  • It makes you sweat a lot in hot weather, burns your skin by absorbing the heat, and causes the smell of sweat.
  • If you have sensitive skin, your skin may be itchy or allergic.
  • It is not heat resistant and can burn easily.
  • It causes static electricity.
  • It gives a feeling of discomfort even when rubbed against the skin.
  • According to studies, choosing underwear made of synthetic fabric has reduced or decreased the quality of sperm in men.
  • Women also have problems such as itching in the genital area, fungus, or egg laziness.

When choosing a textile product, we should definitely look at the content of the product. We should stay away from polyester fabrics as much as possible. Or we should not wear it every day. Instead of these fabrics, we should turn to cotton ones. Polyester fabric can cause serious problems to our skin in the long run.

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