What Is Poplin Fabric - Usage And Maintenance Tips



Poplin fabric, which is preferred in the production of many dresses with its thin and soft texture especially in the summer months, was first found in France. It has been used frequently since the 15th century. Poplin fabric, which was produced to be completely silk in ancient times, is now produced with fine combed cotton yarns. These preferred mercerized cotton threads also give clothes a soft and delicate texture just like silk thread.

What are the Features of Poplin Fabric?

 The most striking feature of poplin fabric is undoubtedly its soft texture. Poplin fabric may contain some additives as well as be produced from mercerized fine cotton yarns. While producing poplin fabric; wool, satin, silk, polyblend, or artificial silk are also used. One of the most important features of poplin fabric, which is ideal for hot weather, is that it does not sweat, breathe, and is 100% cotton. It is an indispensable fabric for many people with its light and not overwhelming texture. Poplin fabric, which is frequently woven with fine threads; is preferred in the production of many products such as dresses, shirts, trench coats, t-shirts, tablecloths, duvet covers, baby covers, bedsheets. Poplin fabric does not sweat in summer and is comfortable, as well as keeping warm in winter. Poplin fabric, which is suitable for all kinds of sewing, is among the sought-after fabrics for textile products.

 The fact that poplin fabric requires ironing and wrinkles quickly is a disadvantage. While washing, the type of yarn it is produced should be taken into consideration. If silk thread is used, it should be washed at a low temperature. However, if cotton threads are preferred, then the poplin fabric can be washed in the machine at temperatures up to 60 degrees. Poplin fabric is a type of fabric that enters our lives and we use it a lot. We can enjoy comfort by including poplin fabrics in our lives, whether in-home textiles or clothing.

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