Things You Didn't Know About Siamese Cats and My Own Experiences

 How do you know about Siamese cats? I already like cats, I think they are very noble animals, But Siamese cats are different. Don't you think they have a mysterious air? If you're wondering where the Siamese cat got its name, so they are called Moon Apples also wichian mat in Thai. Well, I think the name of this precious stone suits that nobility. Of course, as you might guess, Siam was Thailand’s older name. Pieces of information about Siamese cats are found in written records 150-200 years ago.

Towards the end of the 19th century, it spread in Europe with the attention of a British diplomat.

Today I would like to give you some pieces of information about these special cats and share my experiences with my own cats.

Another cat breed that I love is calico cats. I find them very cute. But today's special guests are the siamese cats.


Pieces of information About the Siamese Cat


Siamese cats are semi-albino. So they see very little. Therefore, their eyes are a different blue color; their feathers are quite a pale beige and dark brown in places.

Since they cannot live alone, if you are thinking of getting a Siamese cat in your home, it would be best to buy two.

They are very smart and headstrong, but they also take great pleasure in living with people.

Most of the time you do not feel its presence in the house, as they move silently, almost like a shadow. But when they have at least two, they also love to play.

Great advances have been made with Siamese cats in the therapy of adults and children with disabilities. Siamese cats are used in many countries of the world, especially in the therapy of autistic children.

9 Siamese Cat Breeds You Must Have at Home

Siamese cats are known for being very friendly and affectionate. They love attention and will often follow people around.

But what makes these cats so special? Siamese cats were originally bred as pets in Thailand. Today, they're still popular among pet owners because of their unique personalities. These cats are extremely loyal and loving towards humans. 

There are 9 Siamese cat breeds:


Old Style


Modern Wedge

Seal Point

Chocolate Point

Blue Point

Lilac Point

Red Point




 Mrs. Bead & Me


The first Siamese cat you see in the picture, who made me write this article, is Mrs. Bead. The picture is quite old. She was only 3 months old when my father gifted her to me. The former owners could not take care of him much; she did not eat and was very sick. I took her to the vet right away.

After a while, it turns out that the Siamese couldn't stay alone. At that time we are both working with my husband. I left it at home during the day and I came home once, it smashed my rug. In the days after that, I prepare the outfit I will wear in the morning; it breaks either the sleeve of my jacket or the leg of my trousers. We went to the vet again and found out that they couldn't live alone. Since she accepted me as her mother and realized that I was leaving the house when I wore the clothes I prepared, she was tearing them apart so that I would not go. They are that smart. We resisted for quite some time, and then a relative of mine said that he could take care of her since he was alone at home all day, and I reluctantly gave it up. But he really takes care of her and I could visit her every time.



This is my second Siamese Mr. Bean. I was not working at that time and one day I found it injured in the garden. Since Siamese cats are not used to street life, they cannot defend themselves and are attacked by other cats. I couldn't find the owner; I took him to the vet and had him treated. He was very well behaved; he always slept like that on the heater cores. After a while, the owner appeared. I was angry with the man, of course, because he released the cat on the street and it became like this. Anyway, after talking a bit, he said that it was actually his wife's cat and that if I liked it, he could stay with me. I have looked at Mr. Bean for years.

So these were my adventures with my Siamese cats. I hope this information’s helpful for you too. Finally, I can say if you want a cat for the home you can definitely choose a Siamese cat.

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  1. I had no idea Siamese cats were semi albino or lived better with a companion. Nor did I knew there were so many types of siamese cats...
    Love your photos, from what I can see you are a true cat lover and they give you so much joy...

    1. Thanks a lot. Yes they are really interesting cats☺️. Unfortunately mine are not living anymore but I never forget them 🙏

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