What are the trend colors of spring/summer 2022? Let's talk about fashion today. Girls, spring has come to our lives and of course the fashion industry with all its glory. Finally, the long-awaited sun came out of the clouds. We were not the only ones who wanted to enjoy the spring, waiting for this moment to come during the winter. The fashion industry also worked for their spring collections throughout the winter season. They found a way to reflect this season in the best way in 'nature'. This Spring Season, we are integrating with nature. Get ready to turn green, bloom, and shine like the sun in your clothes.

I proudly present to you the Trend Colors of the Spring 2022 Season…


Ocean Blue Dress

I always believe that blue has a different power. Likewise, the power that blue reflects on our clothes… This season, blue pieces were designed with inspiration from the blue tones of the ocean. Of course, the color blue doesn't just remind us of the oceans. The designers designed the blue tones that create the feeling of 'coolness', inspired by the oceans, and the blue tones that are clear and comforting when you look at them, inspired by the sky.


Green Dress

We said that the SS'22 season was inspired by nature. The green color, which is the most integrated with nature, is of course among the trend colors. The representative of abundance and therefore money, green has always been the favorite color of those who believe in the energy of colors. You can attract abundance by using green pieces in your clothes.


Yellow Dress

Yellow, the color of the sun and the most beautiful energy, is among the trend colors of this season. Do not miss to add yellow pieces to your wardrobe that will enable you to add energy to your busy life with your clothes and make you shine brightly even on the most unfavorable days. Trust the energy of yellow color this season and get ready to shine.


Pink Dress

Love women also captured the SS'22 season. The color pink, which succeeds in being the representative of love and affection every season, is among the trend colors of this spring season. The pink color is ready to take its place in your clothes this season, especially with neon and fuchsia tones. We can say that it will be an indispensable part of romantic picnics or romantic dinners.


White Dress

With the warming of the weather, engagement and wedding seasons have opened, but unfortunately, this is not our topic. White is not a color you wear when you just say 'yes'. This simple but assertive color, which is only worn by brave women, has managed to be among the trend colors of the SS'22 season. In particular, you will enjoy using pieces made from off-white, cream, and white tones in your combinations.

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