I Have Nothing To Wear ! Then Read These 6 Capsule Wardrobe Books


Want to create a capsule wardrobe but don't know where to start? In fact, as in every business, creating a capsule wardrobe from scratch starts with planning, I wrote in my article how to start with the details. I recommend you to read it, you will find very useful information.

For example, you will need some basic items for the beginning. You can read them in my article 10 Basic Items For Your Capsule Wardrobe.

Apart from this, there are many books about a capsule wardrobe. Today, I have brought together books from amazon that are examples of capsule wardrobe creation and capsule fashion style looks for various occasions.

If you are one of those who say every day: I have nothing to wear! You should definitely take a look at these 6 books.

The Capsule Wardrobe: 1,000 Outfits from 30 Pieces

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