Active Monday - 11 Minutes Lower Abs Workout & Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Edamame

Hello everyone from Active Monday. I wish you a happy Easter Monday. How were your holidays? I and my two children have been sick. Fortunately, it's not covid, but we had a severe cold. Schools are starting tomorrow, I wish both of them to wake up fit in the morning. Since I work at home, I continue my life by drinking lots of tea and soup and taking vitamins :)
Today I have an 11-minute lower abs workout recommendation for you. Especially in the summer, the lower abdomen looks very bad when carried over from trousers and skirts. But fortunately, it is possible to prevent this with some exercise. I also have a healthy recipe. I wish everyone a healthy and happy week.

Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Edamame


Basmati rice 150 g
Carrot, broccoli, baby corn, bush beans, mushrooms mix 300g
1 clove of garlic
Teriyaki sauce 200 ml

(Contains soy or soy products, cereals containing gluten (wheat), or products made from them)
Edamame 50 g
(Contains soy or soy products)
Avocado 1 piece
Spring onion 1 piece
Chicken breast fillet 250 g

What you should have at home

oil 1 tablespoon
water 1100 ml
Pepper to taste
salt to taste


cook rice

Heat plenty of water in the kettle. A large 1,000 ml saucepan [1,500 ml | 2,000 ml] of hot water*. Stir in the rice and lightly salt*. Bring both to a boil together and cook for 10 minutes until the rice is soft enough. When the rice is done, drain through a sieve. peel off the garlic. Cut the spring onion into thin rings.

Fry ingredients

Halve each chicken breast fillet lengthways. In a large skillet, 1 tbsp [1.5 tbsp | 2 tbsp] Heat the oil* and sear the chicken breast fillets on all sides for 2 – 3 minutes. Crush the garlic, add the pre-cut vegetables and edamame and sauté for 3 minutes. Pan contents with the teriyaki sauce and 100 ml [150 ml | 200 ml] Deglaze with water* and cook, covered, for approx. 4 – 6 minutes until the sauce is a little thicker and the vegetables are soft.


Halve the avocado, remove the stone, scoop out the flesh and cut into strips. Divide the rice between bowls or deep plates. Arrange the chicken breast, vegetables, avocado, and sauce and sprinkle with spring onion rings. Enjoy your meal!

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