5 Tips Against Monday Blue

What To Do Against Monday Blue?

Just the thought of the start of the week triggers stress in many people. Would you also like to bury yourself on Sundays? We have 5 tips on how to get motivated for Monday mornings.

Sunday afternoon. Actually, the ideal time to end the week is relaxed. But while some are taking a carefree stroll through the forest (and an etiquette guide), many people feel uneasy: They are already going through the to-dos for the coming week in their heads. Just the thought of Monday morning triggers stress in you and not a trace of motivation for the new week.

Now nobody can start the Monday highly motivated every week and look forward to the upcoming tasks. (And yes, with Garfield the cat there is a prominent representative of the Monday blues!) But what to do if they fear of the start of the week gets too big? According to a study millions suffer from the fear of Monday mornings, the Monday blues. Respondents stated that they started a new working week in a bad mood. "The reason for this can be excessive pressure to perform, conflicts with colleagues and bosses, or even bullying,". "In an emergency, those affected can develop a panic towards people in the company, certain situations or even a place."

Monday blues: 5 x motivation for Monday morning

Sport or breathing exercises against negative thoughts

Whether you want to relax or get active and go for a run - there are many anti-stress tips. Find out how best to clear your head. What helps many people when they have negative thoughts are slow breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, relaxing music, or even sport. The activity with which you can best reduce the Monday blues and increase your motivation should be regularly - especially on Sunday or Monday morning. This is a signal to the brain that the fear is unfounded and that we are in control of our emotions.

Already planning for Monday on Friday

Start the new week mentally when you close the old work week - on Friday. After the last to-dos, think about what's coming up for the next week and, if possible, prepare everything you need to do. If you have an important meeting on Monday, for example, you can already think about the outfit for it on Friday.

Tip: Don't schedule Monday meetings too early. This saves you a few stress factors on Sunday.

Don't just live for the weekend

We have more time for activities at the weekend, but it's also important during the week not just to live for the job. Make an appointment with your friends regularly for an after-work drink or finally try out the new restaurant. If we experience more during the week, we can also confidently go to bed earlier at the weekend. As a result, we don't get up that hard on Monday morning (perhaps that will even increase the motivation for a round of jogging or a new morning ritual?) and we can already look forward to the dates of the next week.

For a good start in the new week, you can take a look at my Active Monday posts.

Observe and question physical reactions

Are you usually nervous on Sundays, have a fast heartbeat, your hands are shaking and you are tense? Then it's time to react. "If stressful emotions, negative thoughts, and additional physical symptoms occur, you should take them seriously,". As a first step, it can help to question these feelings. Because behind the feeling there is usually an important message that contains information.

Looking for a clarifying conversation - or change jobs

If the stress lasts for a longer period of time and the calming strategies are unsuccessful, you should address the problem.

According to the experts, if nothing changes after all and the psychological stress remains high, it is advisable to think about changing jobs or reorienting yourself.

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