How To Solve Blogger Blurry Featured Image Problem? (Without Codes)

 Hello everyone. Those who constantly read my blogs have maybe noticed that for the last month, my featured pictures were blurry on the main page and this issue was bothering me a lot. I can't tell you how many posts and forums I read in a month. After all, our articles are important, but it is not pleasant to present them to the readers in a bad way.

Because of this blogger's blurry picture problem that kept me awake for a month, I couldn't even write for the last few days. I just lost my motivation.

Yes, I know WordPress is more professional, blogger is more primitive, but once I get used to it, it is not that easy to accept innovations after an age. And hey, I am just a personal blog, not a company. I don't want to work with hostings e.t.c.

What is Blogger Blurry Picture Problem?

Blogger New Image URL

When we uploaded our pictures in the Blogspot blog panel, it was loaded with the following link Last year, dear blogger, who always gets on the nerves of blogs, changed the link to in this way. Of course, the reflection of this update on blogs may vary from country to country. The 3rd part template users have this problem more often.

It started in the first week of December. In the first days, I always thought it was my picture quality. However, my pictures were the ones I always used and I hadn't made any changes. The blurry pictures on the main page were clear when I opened the text. Which made me think that the problem is not in the picture.

Of course, I knocked on the door of my technical helper, as it always is. Thankfully it took 3 nights. We brainstormed and searched the forums again, but unfortunately, the various codes suggested in both the blogger forums and other articles were not working, and they did not serve any purpose other than to confuse me. But he struggled, tried to change a few different themes, and finally gave me the good news this morning.

Blogger Blurry Picture Problem Solution

Of course, it's a temporary solution for people who have the blogger blurry picture problem. If the original blogger uncles find a permanent solution, it will completely solve the problem. However, you will not have any problems with this solution, for the featured image in your article.

  • First, open your post on your blog panel on a small screen.
  • Then open the file with your picture on a small screen again.
  • Add the picture to the publication by either dragging or copy-pasting.
  • Then select the image size as the original size.

You only need to apply this process for the featured image, that is, the first image in the article.

I have told you the blurry picture problem in the blogger featured post as far as I understand and solved it. Also, if Google/Blogger makes an update, I'll add it here again. 

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