Active Monday - 6 Best Booty Growth Exercises & Vegetable Protein Shake Recipe

Hello to everyone. How are the days going? Did you adapt to the arrival of winter? Winter is my least favorite season. Dark days, fog, cold are not for me at all. But there is nothing to do. Even in the worst situation, we have to do the best we can, right?


Today I chose a booty workout for Active Monday. What woman does not want a shaped and firm butt :) I wanted to give a protein shake recipe in accordance with muscle training.

Vegetable protein shake

Ingredients for 1 serving

200 g of cottage cheese
125g natural yogurt
200 ml low-fat milk
1 red pepper
1 piece of cucumber
The 2 tbsp (olive oil or walnut oil)
salt and pepper


First, wash the peppers, peel the cucumber, and cut both into large pieces. Now simply put all the ingredients in the GÖRGEN mixer and mix until you have a liquid consistency.

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