Active Monday - 15 Minutes Legs Sculpting & Potato, mushroom, rocket pan


Hello everyone! It's Active Monday again. Are you ready for a new dynamic and active week? Today I have a 15-minute leg sculpting workout for you and of course as a tasty and healthy recipe a potato, mushroom, and rocket pan. Keep working on healthy lifestyle habits. Enjoy them and have a healthy week:)

Potato, mushroom, and rocket pan

ingredients for 1 serving

160 g potato (s)
130 g mushrooms, brown
40 g rocket
1 teaspoon rapeseed oil
Pepper from the grinder


Wash the rocket, shake dry, place on paper towels.

Heat the rapeseed oil in a large pan on medium heat. Peel the potatoes, cut in half, cut into slices, add to the pan and fry them.

Break off the stalks of the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces, cut the mushroom heads into slices. Add everything to the potatoes in the pan and cook, turning several times. Finally season with the spices.

Turn off the heat, add the arugula to the pan and mix in carefully. Heat only briefly, then remove the pan from the heat and immediately arrange the food on a plate.

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