10 Ways To Combine Your Denim jacket



10 Ways To Combine Your Denim jacket

Especially in autumn, we see denim jackets on 8 out of 10 people. There are denim jacket models suitable for many different styles, such as jeans, white, black, patterned, long, and short. So, how should denim jackets be combined? If you have a denim jacket in your closet, we can say that your combination is ready, here are10 ways to combine your denim jacket.

1. Denim jacket over jeans


One of the most preferred combinations is a denim jacket on jeans. You can wear a denim jacket in any color you want over your jeans. If you are going to wear a jean jacket, take care to choose a jacket that matches the tone of your trousers. If you are thinking of wearing a black or white denim jacket, the color match is up to you .

2. Complement your midi or mini-length knit dresses with a denim jacket


We can say that especially solid-colored tight dresses look very nice with a denim jacket. Wear a denim jacket in the style you want over your dress and complete your combination with white sneakers and colorful jewelry.

3. Complement your long floral dresses with short denim jackets


You can also wear a denim jacket on those cool evenings of the summer months, and we can't help but mention that floral long dresses and short denim jackets look very nice, and if you complete this combination with comfortable sandals, you can get both a comfortable and pleasant look.

4. Sweatshirt and denim jacket match


Last season, we often saw the harmony between jeans jackets and red sweaters. Whether you wear tights or a sweatshirt over your pants and complete this combination with a denim jacket, you will have a comfortable and cool look.

5. Harmony of denim jacket and white shirt


The harmony of white and jeans is a harmony accepted by almost everyone. Well, how about catching this harmony with Jean jackets? Wear a jean jacket over your white boyfriend shirt and complete your combination with trousers or skirts to suit this pair.

6. Thick loose sweaters and denim jackets


Of course, you can also wear a denim jacket in winter. You can get a comfortable and cool look by wearing a boyfriend-style denim jacket over your thick and shabby sweaters.

7. Combine your denim skirts with your denim jackets


With this combination suggestion, you can create two different styles, and this time shoes are the pieces that will reflect your style. Wear a white or black crop top over your mini denim skirt, and finally, complete your combination with a denim jacket and jewelry that suits your style. While you can bring this combination to a sporty look with white sneakers, you can also achieve a cool look with white heeled boots, the choice is yours .

8. The harmony of white trousers and a denim jacket


White trousers are frequently preferred in spring and summer. You can get a nice look by wearing a denim jacket over your white trousers on a cool summer evening or an autumn day.

9. Leggings and denim jacket combination


You can also combine your denim jackets with leggings, even if you want to get a cool look, you can wear a denim jacket over high waist leggings, crop top, and hooded jacket to get the look you want.

10. You can complete your casual style overalls with a denim jacket


You can complement your casual style overalls with denim jackets. Considering that we dress in layers like cabbage in autumn, we can say that a jumpsuit and a denim jacket will be a suitable combination for autumn. Wear a denim jacket that fits your waistline over your overalls, and complete your combination with your jewelry and shoes. 

All the models you see in my article today are from the shein denim collection. As you can see in the pictures, you can find trendy jackets in different colors for everyone from size xs to plus size.

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