The 5 Most Beautiful Nail Polish Trends For 2021



These are the 5 most beautiful nail polish trends for 2021
The new year brings a whole range of new trends - and not just in terms of fashion. Our nails can now look forward to exciting manicures, rich colors in nail polish, and subtle nail art. Which manicure trends are hot in 2021? We reveal the five best nail polish colors.
Manicure: These are the 5 most beautiful nail polish trends for 2021

1. Bubblegum Pink nail polish

On the runway of the current Fendi spring/summer show, the bright pink nails were a real eye-catcher. Especially in combination with the white, fluttering dresses and delicate pearl bags. Pink nail polish should not be missing in the bathroom closet for manicures this summer. Those who cannot make up their minds when choosing from the innumerable color gradations can opt for different tones - from rosé to soft ice pink. Nail polish in chewing gum pink as a multitone design (each nail a slightly different color) increases the mood within seconds.

2. Nail polish as knitted nails

Especially at the beginning of the year and during the long winter months, we were happy about this slightly different nail polish trend. Based on the look of pretty cable patterns, the knitted nails are actually reminiscent of warm, cozy sweaters and woolen blankets. What is needed for the manicure? Gel nails, a UV lamp, a top and base coat, warm nail polish colors like burgundy, a steady hand, and a good Youtube tutorial. But press-on nails can also be an option.

3. Nail polish as fairy dust nails

We don't only wear glittering nails on holidays. Because nail polish can also convince in everyday life. For example, when it enhances a casual outfit with jeans and a white T-shirt or sparkles with filigree gold jewelry. This is how the manicure works: First, a base coat is applied, then a layer of gold-colored nail polish. Then you need glitter particles! These are applied to the nails either as glitter polish or special nail art glitter powder.

4. Nail polish with a scalloped edge

We are already longing for days by the sea and sun on our skin. If you can't wait any longer, you can put the first summery accents on your nails with a blue shell border. Bright, metallic-blue nail polish is the right choice for this. If you make a wave-shaped adhesive template beforehand, the manicure can be achieved in no time at all. Well-groomed French nails serve as the basis.

5. Nude Nails nail polish

It almost seems like nude nails were here to stay. No wonder, because the neutral manicure goes with every outfit, looks confident and elegant. And so you do everything right this year with the subtle nail polish. Requirement: a well-groomed manicure. Chipped nail polish quickly looks cheap, even in nude tones.

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