Summer 2021 - 10 Bikini Ideas From Shein


Hello to everyone. We have now entered May and the weather has gotten quite hot. In many parts of the world, people go to the sea and pool. What does that mean? It is time to buy new bikinis and swimsuits :) For those who wonder what is going on in the 2021 season, I chose 10 gorgeous bikinis from Shein summer collection. My next article will include also plus size bikinis.

Summer 2021 - 10 Bikini Ideas From Shein

This summer's hip hollows are deeper but there are also brazilian style bikinis.

Shein Bikini Collection

In the summer of 2021, bikinis with blues, blacks, purple, white, pink, orange and snake print are the majority. The abundance of black models caught my attention.

Shein Bikini Trends

My favorite was the black bikini that also covered the abs. Which one is your favorite?
You can post comments and share your thoughts on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can visit the SHEIN online page to buy bikinis and see more.

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