Mother's Day 2021-My Thoughts About My Motherhood

Every year on Mother's Day I would write gift suggestions with enthusiasm. This year I have a strange bitterness inside me.

I would like to share with you my thoughts about my motherhood. I am a mother of 3 children and I feel that the bonds between mother and child are getting weaker as the children grow up. At every new age, children are getting one more step closer to their independent life. This is both proud and sad. Our task is to learn to release and loosen the invisible ties, even if we don't cut them.

I miss the time when they were small already. As I foresaw these days, I started blogging when they were young so that I could work in the future as a freelancer. Because I have observed many women around me who fall into emptiness and become embittered after the children of women, whose only goal is their children, leave home after years and go to other houses, other cities, and other countries.

Over time, this hobby developed and I resumed my profession as a writer and translator, and my hobby became my full-time profession.

I realize once again how correct this decision was. The person who falls into an empty life turns towards the people who are closest. Or may have negative thoughts.

About My Motherhood

I don't want to be one of those mothers who stick to their children like an octopus and don't let them breathe. I want to respect their lives and their decisions, although sometimes it hurts me. Of course, I always want my children to be curious and happy in life. But they don't need to be always with me, look after me, and I never want to impose their draw. If they're going to do anything for me, it must come from within. If they do not have these feelings until a certain age, it is not right to have more expectations at later ages.

I also recommend this to all mothers. Our duty is to protect our children first and prepare them for life, but let's not suffocate them either. The best way we can do this is to have a world of our own and not to have children as our whole purpose of life. This would be a profession, a hobby, a social work, no matter what. Wouldn't our children be more proud of us for being such mothers?

I congratulate all mothers on mother's day in advance. Stay with love. 

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