10 must haves for the summer wedding & 9 gorgeous wedding dresses


 Most weddings take place in summer - no wonder since we all want bright sunshine for the wedding, the champagne reception outside or the party in the romantic garden.

But what if the temperatures get too high and you work up a sweat at your wedding? With these 10 summer wedding tips, you can make it through the hot season very cool.

Our top 10 summer wedding tips

1. Outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding is ideal on hot summer days. Outside there is often a light breeze, even on hot days, and you don't have to go into a stuffy hall. But remember to provide enough shade.


2. Holiday feeling at the wedding in summer

The sun bangs down from the sky, especially around noon, so appropriate protection must be provided in various parts of the location! Parasols and sun sails can be stretched almost anywhere and provide shade. Sure, the sun is great - but too much of it isn't good for your circulation.

The most important of the summer wedding tips: Children, pregnant women, and the elderly in particular need a place to retreat with tables and chairs on hot days. When you have an outdoor wedding, remember that not everyone can stay in the blazing sun for 30 minutes or more - not even every registrar or speaker.
Also look for a few shady spots for the wedding photos, such as at the lake or in the park.

3. Practical favors - wedding fans

Fans are welcome gifts for the guests at the summer wedding, which can be printed with the daily routine, for example.

4. Cooling down in the literal sense

It doesn't always have to be the cooling in the lake. Are you planning a relaxed garden wedding? Then think about paddling pools or small tubs for your feet.

With a few flowers and a few drops of lavender, they are refreshing in no time.

5. Cool candy

It doesn't always have to be a heavy, sweet wedding cake - an ice cream bomb or an ice cream truck for guests is ideal for hot days and a welcome change.

6. Refreshing drinks

The candy bar would melt quickly in the sun and hardly any guest would like the sweet delicacies at temperatures above 30 degrees.

A tub with cold water and drinks or a lemonade bar with various stations is the cooler alternative and great cooling off for the wedding.
And on top of that, a lemonade bar with beautiful drink dispensers is the best summer wedding decoration! Our tip: Put frozen fruits in it, so you have a delicious and cold refreshment without alcohol!


7. The right choice of clothes for the summer wedding

A light wedding dress is recommended for summer brides. Maybe even a short one?
Haven't found the right wedding dress yet?

With the summer temperatures, you should definitely pay attention to the season of the year when looking for a wedding dress. You should avoid heavy and thick fabrics. Some substances have a cooling effect on the skin. These are very suitable for your summer wedding.

But you should not only consider the choice of fabric for your dream dress. The cut of the wedding dress can also have a great influence on your well-being. Maybe a short wedding dress is also an option for you.
Also allow your guests to adapt to the heat with their outfits. Jackets are often torture, especially for men, so take them off as soon as possible. And let's be honest: they are really not absolutely necessary, are they?

By the way, parasols are beautiful at the summer wedding and at the same time a practical accessory for the summer wedding dress - noble sun protection for the bride and groom and beautiful props for the wedding photos. Also, make sure that the wedding dress is as airy as possible or provide the summery second dress for the celebration.
Incidentally, light and fresh bridal bouquet is also ideal for a summery wedding dress, which looks, for example, in yellow or orange, especially after a summer wedding!

8. Small cooling highlights

Little effort, big effect: ice cubes with fruit cool down, look pretty, and make every sparkling wine an eye-catcher. You like to suck it without a drink!


9. The right equipment

Basic equipment for hot days should not be missing in the toilets: powder, deodorant, pigtail rubber bands, cooling spray for the feet, sunscreen, a water atomizer, etc.

Your sweaty guests at the wedding in summer will thank you!

10. Summer wedding with comfortable seating

In the last of our summer wedding tips, a practical tip: Chairs outside can get extremely hot in direct sunlight. So get yourself nice pillows or chair covers to protect the legs of your sweating guests at summer wedding.

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