Active Monday - Dancer's Body Workout & Vegan Chia Pudding

Hello to everyone! It's Active Monday again. I hope you feel fit and healthy. Today I have a dancer's body workout from Cassey Ho and a vegan Chia Pudding recipe. Enjoy it:)

Vegan Chia Pudding

Ingredients for 2 servings

4 tbsp chia seeds
250 ml soy milk
2 teaspoons agave syrup
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 pinch of cocoa powder
Ingredients for serving
2 tbsp currants (or seasonal fruit)
4 tbsp corn flakes (vegan)


Put the soy milk in a small bowl and sweeten it to taste, for example with agave syrup.
Mix the chia seeds into the milk while stirring, let stand for 10 minutes so that the seeds can develop nicely. Stir every now and then so that there are no lumps.
You can now add cocoa and cinnamon to this mixture to taste.
Let the pudding stand for at least half an hour so that the seeds can swell properly.
The pudding is served in a glass, the pudding is first poured in. If desired, you can now top cornflakes, as well as currants or your favorite fruit. Finally, add chia pudding again and serve.


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