Romantic Bullet Journals & How To Use Them

bullet journal ideas

Recently I mentioned that I love bullet journaling and I wrote some ideas for people who want to start new. Today, I would like to recommend some bullet journals with nostalgic and romantic pattern options for those who love romance.

bullet journal
Promptly Journals - Travel Journals - Dusty Rose

bullet journal
Promptly Journals - Anything Notebook - Blush Pink Leatherette

For those who like romantic touches in their lives in general, bullet journals with pastel colors, floral and leaf patterns are ideal.

bullet journal for babies
Promptly Journals - Powdered Lilac Postpartum Journal + Calm Lilac Footie Size: 2T

Apart from your daily work and work notes or planning, romantic bullet journaling areas can be during happy periods such as pregnancy and birth.

You can write on a daily basis and stick pictures in your pregnancy period and after your baby is born. Relatives can even add some notes. Reading these bullet journals years later will remain a happy memory for you.

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