5 Bullet Journal Ideas For New Year

bullet journal

5 Bullet Journal Ideas For New Year

bullet journal
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I don't know about you, but I'm a true bullet journal fan. Since I love to write down everything and prepare lists, I cannot give up even in the digital age.
If you want to start a bullet journal, you can of course start immediately with the first month. Or with a weekly plan, a list, a daily schedule, or something else. With the index at the front, you can find everything quickly. But I recommend that you add some overview pages at the beginning. This saves scrolling and you can always access these pages quickly. Today I'm going to tell you five bullet journal ideas to get you started.

Cover sheet

A cover sheet is of course not a must, but I like it when I give a suitable framework for months and years. That's why I've been using cover sheets for new journals for some time.

Annual calendar

The next few pages contain a simple annual calendar for the current year. This way I can quickly get an overview or, for example, check how the holidays are distributed. This is not about fixed dates, nor do I plan on this page, it only serves to see the year at a glance.

 Year in pixels

This year I tried a "Year in pixel" page for the first time. In it, I mark how the respective day was. Many use different colors for different moods. I like it better in black and white, with white being great days, gray being okay days, and black being stupid days.

Future log

This is one of the most important pages that should not be missing in any bullet journal: the Future Log. It serves to ensure that no appointment is forgotten. The bullet journal typically plans month-to-month and week-to-week. Therefore there is not always a place where an appointment that will take place in three months can be noted. The Future Log is the right place for this. Here I note all the fixed dates for which there is no suitable planning page. When I then create a new month, I take the appointments from here and add them to the current planning.


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Work overview

Not absolutely necessary, but very useful for me, is an annual overview. I enter all work and vacation days in this. In this simple annual overview, I have marked all holidays and weekends and I use this page for my vacation planning. Here I can quickly see which public holiday is suitable for a long weekend or for a vacation week. Also, on the other hand, I can see how many days I work per month. 

Even more ideas for the first pages

Birthday calendar

How this looks is of course entirely up to your creativity. The main thing is that it contains all the months under which the birthdays can be entered. In addition, of course, I also transfer the birthdays into my current planning because I don't look at this page every day. But the birthday overview here is the basis from which I use the data in my monthly planning.


A calendar is another way of entering future dates in the bullet journal. Instead of having one column per month as in the Future Log, the Calendar has one field for each individual day. It allows for more detailed planning, which I don't need. So the Future Log is enough for me.

What are your first few pages in the Bullet Journal filled with? Can you think of any other Bullet Journal ideas to start with? Then let's talk about it in the comments.

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