Private Detektive Job - All You Need To Know !

Private Detektive Job - All You Need To Know !


Hello to everyone. Today I want to tell you about a different profession. Private Detective. Since I was always curious about the way a private detective works and their working fields, I wanted to do detailed research and include it in my blog. I believe that the most reliable information on this subject, a private detective agency could give. While I was preparing my article, I discovered MY DEDEKTİFLİK private detective office, where Turks in Europe frequently work and which has inspired trust in the people I asked about with their disciplined work. So I decided to take advantage of their knowledge. I asked for help from MY DEDEKTİFLİK private detective agency with Turkey as their company center. The Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Mehtap Çınardibi, showed great kindness and allowed me to talk about the way their companies work.

My Özel Dedektiflik and the research center in Turkey and Services Co.Ltd is a private detective agency working with the appropriate authorities of the country's laws. Respecting the privacy of private life, they collect research and evidence for various cases. They won a 5-star award for their diligence in their work.

Private Detektive Job - All You Need To Know !

Turkey's 81 provinces are work areas of the private detective agency, and also they are active in 16 countries around the world. 

The categories they work in

  • Pre-marital research and follow-up
  • Spouse tracking and cheating detection
  • Collecting evidence in a divorce case
  • Collecting evidence in the custody case
  • Collecting evidence for compensation
  • Caregiver, nanny, and assistant follow-up
  • Student and Child tracking
  • Doctor and hospital research
  • Personalized research and follow-up
  • Trademark patent fraud detection
  • Product counterfeiting detection
  • Dealer and dealership research
  • Survey research and analysis
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Pre-tender research and follow-up
  • Hidden client
  • CEO tracking
  • Organization specific research and follow-up

All private detectives working in the private detective agency have detailed legal knowledge and work experience. Each of them starts their duty by obtaining their licenses after the necessary training. The information and evidence collected can also be used in courts.

Although it is generally associated with men, private detective work is a profession preferred by women too.

Just click on the picture below to find out if MY DEDEKTİFLİK private detective agency is available in your country.

my dedektiflik worldwide

You can also get information from the following contact addresses:

İletişim | MY DEDEKTİFLİK® (

+90 (850)888 90 90 / +90 (533)947 85 90 

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