Active Monday 14 - Celery Salad & Tracey Mallet's Abs Workout

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Hi, my dears. Here we are at 14th Active Monday. I hope everyone is fine. We have been in isolation with my two young children for weeks. Unfortunately, my husband and older son also have to work. I know that many of my readers have to spend their day at home like me. In this process, let's pay attention to our health so that we are one of the winners of the war against corona. This week I want to give you a healthy celery salad recipe. There is also a workout video to strengthen our abdominal muscles before the weather getting warmer.

healthy foods

Celery salad

400 g celery
80 g parmesan cheese in one piece
4 tablespoons of wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
6 tablespoons of olive oil
2 spring onion (s)

Wash the celery and cut into thin slices of about 1 - 2 mm. Wash the spring onions and cut the white part of them into rings about 5 mm wide.

Put everything in a salad bowl, grate the parmesan over it, lightly salt and add vinegar and oil. Let it rest for 5 minutes so that the salt draws some water from the celery and the salad becomes juicier.

Finally, season again with salt and pepper. You have to be careful with the salt because Parmesan is usually very salty.

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