What İs Valentine's Day? Different Valentine's Day Legends

Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14 in the world. There are various legends for this special day. What we hear most is undoubtedly what is about Pastor Valentine.

According to this legend, Father Valentin in the Catholic church died and the reason for his death was the 2nd King of Rome, Claudius. The reason for this was that the Roman king was a very cruel king. The biggest problem of this king was that he could not gather enough men for his army. According to the King, the only reason for this was that the men in Rome were married or fond of family. To prevent this, the marriage of men was prohibited by the king. However, Pastor Valentin broke this ban. He secretly married the couples who wanted to get married with his friend. However, after a while this situation went to the ear of the king. The pastor was killed by the king. However, according to some sources, it is said that he was beaten to death, and according to some sources, he was killed by cutting his throat. There is no clear source for this situation. As part of this situation, he was commemorated in the rite of honor in 1969.

According to the other legend, it is in this case that the Valentine's Day has nothing to do with the priest Valentin.
According to this legend, Chaucer, a poet who lived in the 14th century, is a poet who speaks of love and romance. According to the poet, birds determine their mate on February 14. Valentine's Day comes from here.

Valentines Day Presents For Women

According to other information, a situation similar to the activities implemented in honor of Juno Februata, the goddess at the Roman festival in the 18th century, appears to have taken place on 14 February. So as it can be understood from here, there are various rumors about February 14. However, today the legend about pastor Valentin is mentioned more. In fact, contrary to what has been said, the right to see whether the Valentine's Day has anything to do with the Christian religion raises doubts.

This day, which was formed in the past, started to be preferred for commercial purposes, especially in the 19th century. Commercial businesses that had the opportunity to bring this day to life have created various campaigns in order to make a profit. Thus, February 14 became an event that was always celebrated on Valentine's Day. It is especially seen as the game of Capitalism.
İf you ask me, there is nothing bad to celebrate o day with your love. You don' t need expensive presents but a red rose or time between you two will be enought. Happy Valentine's Day.

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