February 15, 2020

Victoria Beckham Brings An Old Fashion Rule Back

Victoria Beckham rarely makes mistakes when it comes to style. Her latest look also inspires - because of a striking detail

Rules are there to be broken. Especially in the fashion world, it is often an expression of individuality to break style rules and to wear what you like. But there is another way. Matching the colors of shoes and bags to each other was considered outdated for a long time, but is now becoming acceptable again thanks to style icon Victoria Beckham.
For her appearance at US talkmaster Jimmy Kimmel, the designer chose a cream-colored dress with a black print from her own collection and combined suede pumps in bright purple. The highlight: she completed the look with an eye-catching clutch in the same color.

She is a repeat offender

Beckham scored with a Matchy-Matchy outfit just a few days earlier. For a business appointment, she chose a sage-green wool costume and combined the same purple pumps and a color-coordinated Birkin bag from Hermès.


  1. Coordinated handbags and shoes are so elegant and stylish, I love it. Also, Victoria's outfits are beautiful.

  2. Very interesting! I've never had an issue with matchy matchy!

  3. I love Victoria Beckham's style!

  4. Son zamanlarda elbiseleri çok begenmeye başladım, beyaz elbise de çok hoş görünüyor.

  5. Victoria'nın stili harika Hermes kombinine bayıldım.

  6. Sometimes she can look good!

  7. Victoria Beckam çok güzel bir kadın, zayıf olmasının da çok faydası var, giydikleri çok yakışıyor.


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