Winter Capsule Wardrobe - Most Basic Pieces For Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe containing the most essential pieces you need. Even if you teleport 10 years later with the same wardrobe, it consists of timeless pieces that you won't look outdated. Contents can make multiple combinations by matching each other. Because this wardrobe contains neutral colors such as black, grey, white, camel, and their cuts are also unforgettable cuts.

In the article, I will consider the general titles. Whether the clothing in that title is sports or classic cuts, the patterns that fit your body may vary depending on you and your daily life. If you go to work, you can choose more classic, if your daily rush is more, you can choose more comfortable and sporty cuts.

Black Coat

Black coat

If your wardrobe doesn't have a black coat, and if the first and only coat you buy is pink, you will have to wear pink every day. It s difficult to combine it with every color.  For this reason, it is important to put neutral colors in the closet first and then switch to other colors. If you wear a black coat every day, with some changes in accessories and clothes you will make a completely different combination and you will not perceive wearing the same thing.

Camel Coat

Imagine an empty white cupboard. And after that, imagine that you put one item next to others in the closet. Now a black coat is hanging in an empty cupboard. Let's add the camel coat that you can match with a lot of colors and patterns right next to it. You can turn to colors such as green, pink and red in your next coat shopping. You can keep your colorful coats in one day and balance them by wearing neutral coats the next day. You can continue shopping in grey, khaki, and brown tones for your capsule wardrobe.

Camel Trench Coat

Since I have described the logic of the capsule wardrobe above for a long time, I will go through the next items with short explanations without overwhelming you. A Camel trench coat is indispensable for the autumn and spring wardrobe. Although the weather is cold for the trench coat at the moment, the first piece to be taken in autumn is the camel trench coat and the second may be the black trench coat.

Black Suit

If you are working, one of the essentials of your wardrobe is the black suit. It is a savior for weddings and invitations that you do not want to think about what to wear, not only for business.


A jacket that suits your style with a neutral color that you can use on skirts, dresses, and trousers will be useful. Although plaid jackets are trending this year, old plaid jackets in wardrobes are proof that this is a timeless piece. Therefore, you can add a retro-checked jacket to the closet, the pattern of which is not very pronounced. Instead, a leather jacket can also be used in many ways.

White Shirt

Oversize and long white shirts will fit many of your combis. Whether you wear it with skirts or a cardigan/sweater, a white shirt or shirt dress will find its place in the combination. Along with a white, the black shirt dress is also useful in wear-and-go combinations.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets or shirts that integrate with multiple combinations in the autumn wardrobe such as the Camel trench coat and bring coolness to the piece it is used will become a much more useful piece if oversized and long. You can also wear a denim jacket with your coat.


Denim pants that you like to use and match your body type will fit almost any combination. And you can wear jeans every season of the year.

Black Pants

Black culotte trousers that make it easy to use with short pieces, as well as long pieces, are still the cornerstone of the wardrobe. You can also have a second option with a more classic cut, iron stripes, and narrow form in your wardrobe.

Black Skirt

Pleated, pencil, or bell black skirts are classic and useful pieces for those who wear skirts and do not wear pants in daily life. After buying a black skirt, it is useful to take it to other colors.

Turtleneck Sweater or Dress

Long or short, neutral turtleneck sweaters are one of the clothes that save you from thinking about what to wear in your combinations in winter. You can also add knitwear in neutral colors to your wardrobe.

Sweaters / Blouses / Shirts In Different Colours

All this in one I gathered in a title. To add a pinch of color to your wardrobe, you need several vibrant and pastel-colored top pieces. You can add colors that can change the perception with shawls, coats, or bags in other colors such as red, green, and pink. Whether it's a long sweater, turtleneck knitwear, blouse or shirt is up to you.

Long Cardigan

It can be used alone in the fall, or a long cardigan in a neutral color that can be layer over trench coats and coats in winter will be useful.

Black Dress   

Black dress; long, short it doesn't matter, is always a fashion classic. You can have more than one black dress for different occasions.


Before starting to buy bags in interesting colors, make sure you have a black and brown daily bag that you can wear with every outfit in your closet. One night bag will prevent you from having panic in sudden invitations.

Boots & Shoes

A capsule winter wardrobe needs boots and shoes in basic colors such as black and brown, and sneakers for free on warmer days. If you live in a country with a lot of snow snow boots are also a must-have.


Making your choices of watches, jewelry, and sunglasses for those who can be compatible with each of your clothing combinations.

You can be a little more comfortable in shawls and scarves. Since it will be obvious to cover the same patterned scarf every day, plain-colored shawls and scarves will make more sense when creating the wardrobe from scratch. You add patterns over time. Even if the combination remains the same, you can be a little more comfortable in shawls and scarves, as a completely different combination will occur when the scarf and bag change. You can add black, camel, grey, khaki, red, green, and blue tones to your wardrobe to suit your skin.

This is how the winter capsule wardrobe, saves time in the morning preparation rush, saves you from the hassle of decision-making, and uses the low budget efficiently. A wardrobe full of trendy pieces, such as corset blouses, and embroidered shirts that are everywhere in the summer, will only work that season. Such a wardrobe can handle you for years. After creating this cabinet, you can continue to improve your wardrobe by taking only the colors and patterns you like in the season.

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