January 3, 2020

Fashion Trend 2020 : Grey Jeans

 Fashion trend: in 2020 jeans have to be this colour to be trendy !!!

2020 jean trends

For a long time, we couldn't get enough of blue jeans pants in all possible cuts and lengths.

In 2020, however, the colour scheme for denim will change a little. Because the next big jeans trend is coming: grey.

Fashion trend: in 2020 we will wear all the jeans in the trend colour grey
Of course, with grey jeans, the fashion wheel is not completely reinvented. Denim also existed in this tone in the past - but mostly they were kept in a skinny cut. For 2020, the jeans trend now announces itself in numerous cool silhouettes: grey straight leg jeans, grey wide-leg jeans or grey used jeans ... To name just three of the cuts of the new grey jeans that we simply great.

2020 jean trends

Fashion trend 2020: This is how the grey jeans trend is styled

Even blue denims are real fashion all-purpose weapons. They go just as well with a party outfit as with a business look. Gray jeans are even more versatile because they look cleaner and more reserved compared to blue denim, which makes them a bit more elegant and chic.

18 Must-Have Styles In 2020

Minimalist fashion girls will be delighted: The jeans trend looks particularly beautiful with outfits in subtle colours such as white, black, navy or cream. Blouses, blazers and pumps take up the elegant look of the denim - leather jackets, band shirts and boots add a dash of rock chic.

2020 jean trends

The great thing: when it comes to jewellery, we can let off steam with the jeans trend. Both golden and silver-coloured chains, earrings and Co. go well with the subtle grey denim. Rhinestones in combination with the fashion trend look awesome.

2020 jean trends

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  1. Replies
    1. I love generally denim. It doesn't matter blue, grey, black or red:)

  2. ¡Que suerte! tengo dos uno mas claro y uno mas oscuro. Felices Reyes y abrazos

  3. I really like this colored jeans and have so many :)

  4. Grau war schonmal in Mode, ist eine tolle Farbe und passt zu allem. LG Romy

  5. Uma cor que já uso presentemente!... E que bom confirmar por aqui que será tendência, para 2020!
    Votos de um muito feliz 2020, para si e todos os seus, Deria! Demorei a chegar por aqui, nas últimas semanas tive uns problemas de saúde da minha mãe, para resolver... mas felizmente ultrapassados...
    Beijinhos! Tudo de bom! Feliz Ano Novo!

  6. These grey jeans look great and nice!

  7. I love blue and grey jeans :)


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