Advantages of Midsummer Shopping: Practical Choices for Summer Wardrobe

 It's been a few weeks since I got my midsummer shopping done, but I'm in the summer mood so I'm pretty lazy these days. Today I finally wanted to share my last summer fashion orders with you.

I love the feather pattern. I can buy feather print blouses without getting tired of it. I have been wearing this comfortable satin fabric blouse since I bought it.

A very comfortable T-shirt in pastel pink with lace detail on the shoulder.

I was struggling with hormone problems for a long time and gained weight. This made me very uncomfortable both in terms of health and appearance. I am very happy that I was able to lose a few pounds this summer. Getting rid of extra pounds gives an incredible feeling of lightness. My goal is not to regain the weight I lost and to lose a few more kilos.

Advantages of midsummer shopping

When I have the clothes I want, I buy them at the beginning of the season, but there are some advantages to buying them in the middle of the season. For example, I had the opportunity to take advantage of the discounted prices that have now started in my mid-summer shopping.

The ombre top has also become one of the things I wear very fondly.

Now that I have determined what pieces I have in my summer wardrobe and what I need most, it is easier for me to decide.

Tie Dye Top. I love tie-dye tops and dresses.

While I was turning to more trendy clothes at the beginning of summer, I realized that I needed clothes that I could wear at home, in the garden or, to the pool during my midsummer shopping. In the summer heat, I change my clothes several times a day because of the heat of the air and because I am more active. Therefore, it is not a problem to have a lot of summer clothes.

The striped jersey dress is also a very comfortable garment that can be worn every day.

Another 2 T-shirts with a feather pattern.

My clothes such as denim skirts, denim shorts and trousers do not wear out easily. Since I generally prefer classic models, I can wear them for a long time. But dresses, blouses, and, t-shirts wear out faster.

Tie Dye Twist Hem Tank Dress. A comfortable summer dress that I love to wear at home, in the garden, and in the pool.

I ordered these two tie-dye dresses for use at home during the summer. However, I wear it both this way and when I go shopping or for a walk, as it is very compatible with a denim jacket. They are very comfortable, I can say that they are among my favorites. Do you remember my dresses from last summer? I am still wearing them with a big pleasure. You can read the review if you want:


The black bikini is beautiful. The only problem is that the fabric is quite thick.

I love the coral color in summer. This bikini, due to its high waist, collects all the excess and provides a weaker appearance. But it would be better if the bra was one size larger. Because I have big breasts, bikini sets are not suitable for me. I need to buy mix match bikinis.

Unfortunately, the top part of this bikini, which I bought very fondly, slips for a while and I have to fix it. The hipster is very comfortable.

I am very pleased with the two bikinis I bought for my daughter. Actually, all the bikinis suit her very well, but we had a problem with one of them. I will write the details under the picture.

This bikini suits my daughter very well. But unfortunately, it gives color all the time. If it comes into contact with another garment or towel, it stains it or discolors when wet. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to predict such problems, neither in-store nor by online shopping.

I can say we are in love with this bag. I ordered it for my daughter to put on her swimsuit and towels as a pool bag, but she also used it on school trips before school closed. It's easy to use and fits a lot of stuff. It looks very nice,,, doesn't it?

Disclaimer: All items are bought with my own money and they are not a present or affiliate collaboration. This is an honest review of the products. But if you want to take advantage of 10% off, you can use my customer code:

Earlier, I wrote to you about why I am no longer working as a Shein affiliate and I do not accept gifts. A single piece of t-shirt or other clothing is sent as a gift and an original review is expected in return. Instead of doing this, I prefer to buy the clothes that I choose and like and share them in an honest review with my own blog readers. If you ask why I've been a Shein customer for a long time. There are valid reasons for this too:

  • Affordable prices
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Clothes and accessories that won't be found everywhere
  • Points earned for shopping. These points provide a discount on your next purchase.

Even though I don't need more summer clothes, I can think of another mini shopping as the prices are very attractive at the end of summer sale :)

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