Active Monday - 43 & DIY Vegan Protein Shake Recipe

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Hi everyone. Yesterday was my birthday. So I decided for today for a hiit birthday workout with weights. It's very important for us women to keep our muscles strong. This protects us from bone loss or breakage at later ages and muscle shortening and hunchback. Be sure to do muscle-strengthening exercises with your own body weight or with different weights.

Health Tipp This Week

Vegan protein shake

250g soy yogurt nature
100g frozen raspberries
100ml of water or soy milk
1 handful of almonds
A little vanilla or pith ½ vanilla pod
Sweeten with agave syrup or xylitol at will
preparation(only if you want)

All ingredients except the sweeteners in a powerful blender throw and puree.
Then taste and sweeten at will.

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