Nails: Which Nail Polish Best Suits Which Skin Tone ?

We would like our clothes and accessories to match our skin tone and suit us. What about the nails? Every woman likes, well-groomed hands and nails. In addition, nails painted in appropriate colors complement our outfit. Can anyone use any nail polish color? If our nail polish suits to our skin color like our clothes, it will reveal the beauty of our hands. Some nail polish colors can look really bad in some skin tones. For example, sugar pink tones do not look good in me.I have researched a little bit for you , which nail polish colors are suitable with which skin tones.

For brown skin;

People who are in the brown skin group may use dark burgundy, blues, purples, pinks and wine tones. Nude tones will also suit them.

For light skinned;

If your skin tone is lighter, you should choose red, dark blue, pastel, peach and purple tones asyour nail polish color. Dark colors will look good on you, but very dark tones can show your hands gothic.

For dark skinned people;

Those with bronze skin can use nail polish in fuchsia, poppy blue, orange and red tones. In particular, these colors will highlight your summer tan. In addition, one of the trendy colors of this year's neon color will suit you very well.

For wheat skins;

Wheat-skinned women can carry almost any color perfectly, except for shades of gold and coffee.
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